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a few points before we wait for the laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>From recent postings on compulsory education, some implications follow:

a) The 'masses' are a sub-species of homo sapiens.

"Tiwari, Umesh K" <UKTiwari@pcgb.com> said:

>Educated and wealthy people should be allowed to choose from
>among various private schools provided such schools don't teach terrorism
>like some Madersa's of POK, and that's where Government needs to enforce
>some regulatory standards. For others, government needs to provide fully
>funded public schools

Therefore, the sub-species Homo sapiens "poorus" need no choice. Choice and
liberty are apparently only for the rich. 

Naveenkj@aol.com reaffirmed this and said, regarding "education of the
masses" (i.e., regarding those poor who are 'masses')

>    I think that parents should be incarcerated or someother serious penalty 
>needs to be placed for violating the rights of their children. 

[i.e., my child's so-called rights - to be determined by the rich city
dwellers - are more important than my right to bring up the child based on
my assessment of the costs and benefits of the so-called education sought
to be provided. Give the Police one more reason to harrass and impoverish
me. Remove me from the scene so that my family starves, my wife is
distressed and at the mercy of wolves while my child gets the so-called
education (without any teacher) upto class 5 to please the mighty Gods who
sit in cities. Such champions of my child's rights I can do without, I lay
before you, Hon'ble Gods of the Cities. I thought the Child was mine, and
that I was legally resposible for all mis-deeds done by the child till 18
years of age, or are You its owner? Pardon my misunderstanding. 

Your child: you decide. My child: also, you decide!! How strange is this

-sd- Poor man.]

"Tiwari, Umesh K" <UKTiwari@pcgb.com> further said:

>As for as enforcement of Mandatory education, I see nothing wrong in the
>government requiring parents to send their kids to schools, private or
>public rather then exploiting them in child labor or simply abusing them due
>to their backwardness and ignorance. 

The underlying assumption: Homo sapiens poorus are nitwits only interested
in 'exploiting their children'. Only the rich (i.e., normal homo sapiens
like "us") are altruistic and concerned about their children. 

And thus: the poor are miserable rabbits: Incarcerate these nitwits,
torture them, penalize them, sterlize them. Compel them to do our bidding.
The free-markets and liberty, fundamental rights, justice, etc., are for
us. For them, the jail. 

I'm sorry, but I don't buy this compulsion of the poor. If we don't compel
our corrupt citizens and mafias to be honest, I would rather we don't
interfere with whatever little freedom exists for the poor. These poor
souls are already oppressed in many ways well beyond our imagination.

Sadly, such thinking is very common even among the votaries and champions
of freedom and "human rights" (i.e., rights of the rich it seems). What
kind of education leads us to this arrogance over the poor? That education
is not worth imparting, if I may say so. The poor are much better off
without such 'education.'

But as Umesh mentions: freedom of choice is a "lofty ideal" : of course! It
is meant for the lofty rich. I'm sorry, I erred earlier. I almost aligned
myself with the Homo sapiens poorus. These beasts should be trampled under
our feet. Let us simply sterilize them so that no more poor are born...

b) Cause of lack of attendance in schools: a new discovery by Naveen:

>If we simply make schools available but don't make it compulsary, 
>then not many parents will send their kids to school, and its not only wrong 
>but a waste of money.  So we need to force this.

Unfortunately, that is not at all the cause of dropouts. I happen to have
'been there, done that': Sir, pardon me, but there are LAKHS of teachers
already in place in India who (a) do not attend school because their
appointment/ salary/ leave is controlled by officials at the higher levels.
They are completely unaccountable to the village, (b) if they attend, they
do not teach well, for the same reason. (c) The timings of the schools are
also controlled by outsiders, not the parents, etc.

BTW, I have also seen many of the poor sending their children to low-level
private schools (English medium, I am afraid) at great expense to
themselves, provided they see the relevance of the education. But so long
as a majority of our school graduates are unemployed, and schools under the
control of govt. instead of the people, exepect the worst. Give the parents
choice; let there be multiple private schools in all villages. Fund as per
suggestions in the IPI manifesto.

And please try to go physically to the villages and investigate things
before condemning your brethren who merely happen to be poor. 

One final request: SEND IN THE LAWS. 

I am waiting for a copy of the compulsory education laws so highly touted
by many on this list. According to my limited understanding, there seems to
be total confusion in the minds of advocates of compulsory education. Send
in the laws, and we can critique the laws line by line.

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