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Fw: Completely misguided arguments on compulsory education: 2

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Parental control yes, but only indirectly through local elected body of city
administrators, as far as funding and financing and other administrative
matters are concerned. On the other hand, for quality of education, I guess
it has to be a teacher-parent partnership, although that does not ensure
success when parents are not educated or teachers are not interested/trained
or present in the school. 

Therefore same policy cannot work with educated parents and with parents who
are not only not educated, but don't even appreciate the value of imparting
education to their children, and would rather have their children work and
earn some money for the poor family. 

If compulsory is the term that bothers a few, and surely for justifiable
reasons, then Mandatory is much better term to describe the importance and
to ensure that Parents/System Partnership ensures 100% participation of
every child of India in Primary Education. Here are a few proposals :

1. Depending on the % of individual family income or % of the property
(home) value, the city government must charge as 
   school tax to partially fund local public schools. This will ensure
people's participation and serious involvement in the school 
   related matters. Poor villages can fund a small % of school expenses
(rest funded by the state and central government aid), while
   wealthier townships can fund larger % of their school expenses.

2. Local City Administration, which is elected by local citizens, exercise
complete control over school administration and
   hiring/retaining of qualified teachers. 

3. Wealthy citizens should be allowed to send their children to privately
funded private schools, but that should not free them from 
   paying local school taxes that would go towards funding for public

4. Parents should be made accountable to ensure their children attend
minimum mandatory school classes. City and school
  administration should help resolve logistical and other problems to the
extent possible, and even offer good parenting classes 
  (perhaps through some sort of social services department outside of the
school ). Finally, City administration should have even the
  rights to prosecute the parents in the event of failing to ensure that
their children attend the mandatory primary school education. 

5. Parents, if they are not able to find a public school within the village
or their neighborhood where they could send their children for their
mandatory primary education, the parents should have the right to pull the
local government to court to ensure that no child of this country remains

I think these are reasonable proposals, and based on some working models
around the globe. 

Umesh Tiwari

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