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Pakistani ISI mole

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
[moderator's note: IPI is a global, open, debating forum, and we don't care
here a bit what the person IS, so long as he/she is human. No one has been
removed so far from IPI, and no one will be. It is therefore best if we try
to focus on issues and not personalities or origins or motives. That can
quickly take the discussions off the track as people start becoming
personally involved and upset, etc. Thanks much for your kind cooperation!]

In a recent exchange, it became clear to me that the individual
called Naveenkj is an ISI mole. I began to think if there was some
way of determining by way of a test if a person is indeed an
Indian. As a first cut, I feel that an Indian will be able to
answer these (and many others of its kind) with ease:

A. What does Gandhi's first name 'Mahatma' mean?

B. What is Ustad Ravi Shankar famous for?

C. Why is Ambedkar popularly refered to as 'Chacha'?

D. How did Ravana help Ram in his struggles against evil?

I suggest that if he refuses to answer these simple questions,
then he is what I accuse him to be. He should be removed from the
IPI list.


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