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Re: Fw: Completely misguided arguments on compulsory education: 2

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    Mandatory education is a simple issue - I think.  
    For a democracy to function, there are a certain vital things needed.
    One such criterion is education of the masses.  I believe this is an 
innate right of all human beings.  Just like we have the right to free 
speech, freedom to practice religion, or to march peacefully, we have a right 
to quality education, and government needs to recognize this right and 
provide us with education.
    As Immanuel Kant said, "Freedom is coerced".  Contradictary as it may 
seem, philosophically speaking a free society is free not by choice, but by 
coercion.  In our society we value free speech, I can say what I want, and 
Mr. Dey can say what he wants and Sanjeev can say what he wants as along as 
we don't threaten each other.  This practice of free speech without 
restriction other than during endagerment of another is very much coerced.  
We will incarcerate anyone who infringes on these inalieanable rights of all. 
    Similarly right to quality education must be made mandatory and parents 
need to be coerced to obey this right of their children.  I think we will not 
stand by and watch infringement on our rights, and we shouldn't standby and 
watch this right be infringed either.
    I think that parents should be incarcerated or someother serious penalty 
needs to be placed for violating the rights of their children.  And for 
furthermore restricting the practice of democracy which is only effective 
when people are well education and free of ignorance, and able to effectively 
communicate their views. 
    So when we think of this issue it is simple.  We ought to have mandatory 
education, no matter the cost, no matter how hard it is to enforce this.
    But I think given the time, it will be a easier tasks to get parents to 
see our side, and I think mandatory education will work and make India 
better.  If we simply make schools available but don't make it compulsary, 
then not many parents will send their kids to school, and its not only wrong 
but a waste of money.  So we need to force this.

- Naveen

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