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Recruitment in IT...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
	The skill set required in IT Industry is dependent on platform on
	a job is posted, and relevant qualifications and proficiency an
applicant should show
	while appearing for screening.
	Now it is beyond my comprehension as to why most companies and
recruiters in India are obsessed
	with Engineering qualifications.
	For the candidate to work on software, if the skills of logical
thinking or any similar scientific approach are felt essential,
	then It can be atleast B.Sc. or mathematics etc. subjects, commerce
etc. along with Engineering.
	Why this exclusive Engineering obsession ! Being myself a mechanical
Engineer, and working on Software,
	I am unable to comprehend the blunt approach !

	1) When for civil services it is enough to be Graduate in any
discipline, for a field like software,
	     which just like type higher/lower like technical skills needed
for a job of typist , or shorthand for another similar
	     job, Instead of emphasizing such added qualifications which
again can be put to test,
	     Are they not discriminating against other Graduates ! 

	 2) For various reasons one does not take up Engineering & that
doesn't mean he does  not possess logical skills 
	    required of a computer  professional!

	3) Unfortunately those software professionals working overseas also
started believing this myth that they are born to work
	   in computers more successfully than others!

	4) Govt it self encouraged , established , lots of IT related
courses but ignores this fundamental screening taken up by
	    Pvt. Industries . Because it is Pvt. Govt doesn't have any role
to control !

	5) If India wants to create a healthy atmosphere in IT Industry
regarding recruitment, let there be a policy
>    dictating something like PG Diploma or MCA as prerequisites for a
> computer Job and Not let This Obsession
>    not be Ignored by those in Govt which lead to Hypocracy of Equal
> Oppurtunity.

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