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Re:Mr. Tiwari on political correctness

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Political correctness just means disparately trying to invent and use a term
that appeases the local masses, this is a ploy of the messenger usually to
protect himself/herself from unpleasant reactions that result out of
speaking out unpleasant things, even if such unpleasant things just mean
only revelations of mare facts!. People often overlook the importance of the
message in their disparate attempt to look nice and yes "politically

For example, initially Professor Roy got ticked off from the message of
Professor Guptara simply because it contained a term "Fascism", and that
didn't suite the Patriotic Self Esteem or ego of Professor Roy, and rather
then paying any attention to the heinous crime committed against Mr.
Shaurie, and suggesting ways to protect citizens from such lawless behavior
of law enforcers, the police, Professor Roy went on defensive, and even
attacked the messenger (for which, he apologized later) through his
arguments. He spent his time and energy ridiculing the use of term "Fascism"
rather then coming out strongly against uncivilized behavior of the police
and civil administration. 

I am not going to spend lot of my time defending whether my use of the term
"Political Correctness" was correct, but based on my limited understanding
of the term, it is not confined to "gay" stuff suggested by Professor Roy,
and I think I used it correctly. If the community here wants to believe I
don't know the meaning of the term, that would be just fine with me. 

Thank You.


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