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Re: A call for a Social Revolution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I agree with the following assertion of yours :
"Equality before the law has to be the linch-pin of the whole machinery of
any manifesto that seeks to remedy the faults of our society. If that is
missing, we may as well close shop and save ourselves the trouble."
And yes, that has to be the long term goal (because it is impossible to
achieve it in the short term in my opinion) that we must not lose site of
and keep reminding ourselves by every action that we take that is aimed at
archiving this objective. However, while lofty ideals are necessary to drive
people to get together and do worthwhile things, when taken down to
practical reality, you will find that democracy in its true sense is limited
and very slow in the sense of offering people with divergent
views/objectives/interests same powers to act, and hence it takes lot more
time, persistence, and hard work on the part of those who believe in such
lofty ideals to overcome those whose interests collide with yours, or those
who have gained power however unfairly, and then stand to lose if you had
your way.
Yes, equality before the law has to be a stated objective. But there seems
to be no simple way to get to that objective, because you will not only have
to answer to those who profess selective discrimination on caste etc., or
find a way to protect suppressed and oppressed classes where people are
taught to be superior or inferior by birth. We have a long way to go, and in
principle I support Uniform Civil Code, but unfortunately, in a vote driven
democracy (and I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way!) you have to
work a long time towards building a consensus before politicians can be
forced to act on this matter. I have seen many people, including Sanjeev
Sablok, due perhaps to his own experience of watching caste discrimination,
argue passionately in favor of caste based discrimination, and if there is
any merit on these arguments, then we have to answer them, before we can
move on with the lofty objective, but move we must. 
Finally, even though Naveen's arguments sound ignorant, and perhaps they
are, and you have correctly argued on his suggestions, his arguments seem
well intentioned, and we must not discourage people to come up with their
ideas, because in a democracy everybody matters, and you can succeed only if
you can bring people together, engage them in dialogue, and welcome their
opinions and then offer them your well reasoned arguments and help them come
to your fold, or challenge them to convince you to change your course if
they have a better idea. That way it all becomes a shared objective of us
all, and with expanding support and constant adaptability (without losing
the essential objectives), it becomes more and more easier to transform our
society, which is our objective in the end, isn't it?

Thank You.

Umesh Tiwari 

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