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Chowgule talks to Chandrakant Shourie

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I have received the following message from Mr. Ashok Chowgule.  It states
that Mr. Chowgule has spoken to Chandrakant Shourie, who is evidently
related to Mr. Arun Shourie though the latter does not know it.    Mr.
Chandrakant Shourie is evidently doing good work, and is a convert to
Christianity.   He was evidently assaulted, and there was some local BJP
politician involved.   The enclosed speaks for itself.

My own complaint had to do with the term "fascist" being used by Mr.
Guptara, and that has been explained I think as a metaphorical use.

Subroto Roy

-----Original Message-----
From: AskchGoa <ashokvc@chowgulegoa.com>
To: Roy Dr. Subroto <sroy@vgsom>
Date: Monday, January 17, 2000 11:52 PM
Subject: Chandrakant Shourie

>To: Prof Subroto Roy.
>From:  Ashok Chowgule.
>17 January, 2000.
>Dear Prof Roy,
>I spoke with Shri Chandrakant Shourie today in the evening.  He says that
>is related to Shri Arun Shourie and that Shri Chandrakant's grandfather and
>Shri Arun's father are brothers.  So in that sense, it would appear that
>relationship of uncle/nephew is correct, once or twice removed.
>Shri Chandrakant confirms that the attack did take place.  He also says
>the whole area is feudal, and he says that the BJP and Congress have
>the feudal families between themselves.  Though, he says, the 'prime
>attacker' in this case is a member of the BJP.
>Shri Chandrakant volunteered that he is today a Christian - I did not
>inquire from him when he converted.  I said to him that I have never had
>problem with anyone who is doing good to the society, irrespective of the
>person's religion.  The objection that I have is when the social service is
>used for the purposes of conversion.  (To my mind when a social service is
>done with an expectation of something in return, it becomes a commercial
>transaction.)  Shri Chandrakant says that during his twenty years of stay
>the area there have been no conversions to Christianity.  I said to him
>since I do not know him or his organisation, I have no basis of commenting
>on the value of his service to the people of the area.
>I have given Shri Chandrakant the telephone number of Shri Arun, and
>the two may get in touch with each other.
>One thing that still intrigues me is the fact that this incident did not
>make it to national news.  Given the various personalities involved, there
>would appear to be a lot of 'masala' in the whole thing.
>Ashok Chowgule.

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