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Re: A call for a Social Revolution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    I think Dey has wrongly interpreted what I said.  I wasn't talking about 
any government action, but merely a change in the minds of people.  Before 
the law everyone is equal.  But before the eyes of the people not everyone is 
India is still in a bad shape, where people view Shudras as Shudras, and 
somehow they are untouchables.  I don't see very many marriages between the 
lowest castes in the Hindu religion and the highest castes.  
    People still haven't grasped the idea that we are all equal.  People need 
to realize that we are equal, and that as John Locke said, we all start as a 
clean slate and the environment shapes us into the person we are.
    This is why we need to support preference programs for the poorest of us. 
 I agree with you, that it shouldn't be based on castes, but rather it should 
be based on economics.  A poor person doesn't have the same opportunities as 
a rich person, and due to past discrimination the poorest amongst us are the 
SC/ST.  But there are certainly people who are poor and belong to high 
castes, so a JUST government should provide more opportunities for the poor 
to succeed than the rich.  Thus throwing out the now biased system, but 
putting in a system that helps people, blind to castes, but recognizing 
inequities among rich and poor.
    But that's what the government needs to do.  But we as people need to 
change our minds to respect everyone, regardless of Caste or Religion.  We 
need see everyone as our fellow Indians and as fellow human beings.  This 
holds true for women as well.  I will strongly defend my case, that women in 
India are amongst the lowest employed in the world.  Many Indian men consider 
women as sub-humans and give them second class citizenship status; once again 
not by dejure but by defacto. 
    I will also defend my statement that India is not truly secular!  And Dey 
proved my point by asking me where in Indian ethic does it say to kill 
someone?  And then pertaining to Hindu ethics as Indian ethics.  This is the 
attitude of many, that India is a Hindu country. NO it a secular country.  
    Then there's the argument that Pakistan is worse than India in 
Human/religious rights.  Well again Pakistan is a Muslim state!  Which means 
that a Hindu will not be given the right to practice his religion.  This was 
the reason for separation.  But the point is, doesn't matter what happens 
with Pakistan, we internally need to change the minds of millions of our 
people.  We shouldn't hate Pakistan just because they are a Muslim nation, 
and so shouldn't they.  But many in India sadly do.  
    There was also a question raised to how many Hindu temples have been 
destroyed, compared to Muslim mosques?  That is exactly the wrong attitude.  
Both religions take revenge for the actions of the other, and that is wrong.  
Muslims are a minority in our country hence fewer Muslim mosques are damaged, 
because compared to Hindu temples there aren't very many mosques.  We all 
know about the famous demolition of the Babur mosque in UP (I believe it was 
in UP, correct me if I'm wrong.) led by the BJP.
    Maybe this was the wrong place to bring up this topic.  Because we are 
really not discussing social policies, but there needs to be some goals for 
this party to recognize these ethnic problems, and offer the solution by 
encouraging more interactions between peoples of different religions and 

- Naveen

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