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Re: Guptara, Mangalwadi, Shourie's nephew and "fascism"

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

May be Dr. Roy doesn't like to use the term "Fascism" to describe what
happens in cases like the Shaurie episode described by Professor Guptara.
The question is WHY so much fuss about political correctness. WHY SHOULD AN
I suggest those who are fixated with political correctness to spend some
time and energy and find a politically correct "Indian" name for what
professor Guptara tried to describe as fascism. 
We all like to talk about issues like this either when we have to defend a
so called image of our nation and society (or just the perception of it that
we may have!) and refute any charges of imperfection in our society through
whimsical arguments, or when it happens to somebody other then ourselves or
our families. 
Yes people, I myself belong to this same group of people who don't have the
guts to speak out in open when it happens to me or my family or some close
relative of mine.
No, I will not go any further then just to ask you to believe me when I say
that acts of police brutality with connivance of politicians/bureaucracy has
happened with people I love, part of my own family, and we couldn't do
anything about it. It is so personal and painful that I cannot and WILL NOT
talk about it. Individuals involved were ordinary law abiding citizens,
young and old, in fact very old, simply trying to live their lives with
dignity and believing that we live an a free country until it happened one
day and our dreams were shattered, our happiness was lost in jungle of
perilous and endless legal battles that goes on, and perhaps will go on for
most of our lives. Yes I am still hopeful for our country, I love its
people, and would do anything to help advance the cause of democracy in
India, but we as a family will never be the same again, and there are a lot
of young people around me who have seen so much wrong and traumatic things
happening around them that it is simply impossible for a person like me to
talk idealism to them!
Yes, bad things are happening in India professor Roy, please come out of
your politically correct patriotic shell and look at the facts, and maybe
tell us if there is an Indian version of "Fascism". 

Thank You. 

Umesh Tiwari

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