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Re: A call for a Social Revolution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Naveen wrote:

>     We see this as a problem all around the world.  Battles between 
> ethnic/religious groups have left countries torn, and the same will
happen to 
> India if not has started already.  We need to preach the word of TOLERANCE.

  Agreed. So tell me, where exactly in the fundamental Indian
  ethic is the dominant theme intolerance? Does the predominant
  religion of India preach intolerance? 

  If it does, I have missed it so far. 

>     This is the same attitude, my fellow Indians, that carriers over when
> deal with things at the national level.  This is the attitude my friends
> allows us to say that the Muslim State of Pakistan should be annihilated.  

  This is news to me. Tell me since when have Indians
  collectively or even in significant numbers called for the 
  "annihilation" of Pakistan? Are you sure that you are not
  mixing things up a bit? Perhaps you are refering to the 1000
  year jihad against the non-believers that Pakistan calls for
  with sickening regularity? 

> This is the same fear that makes us not want to raise the standard of
life of 
> the SC/ST or the Backward castes, who have been discriminated by an unjust 
> society for milleniums.

  Are you speaking for yourself when you say that "makes us not
  want to raise the standard of life of SC/ST" or have you
  appointed yourself spokesperson for Indians and decided that
  that is how most Indians feel?

  I for one, do not discriminate and most people I associate with
  do not do so either.

>     But returning to the former point, we need to certainly reform our
> about Pakistan.  Pakistan is treated as a complete enemy of India.  As I
> a few discussions earlier, people want to consider them a terrorist state.  

  Well, I got news for you. Pakistan has not been anything but a
  thorn at India's side. And yes, it must be understood to be a
  terrorist state since it sponsors terrorism that costs Indias
  thousands of lives. In case you haven't heard, Pakistan not
  too long ago murdered a couple million of its own citizens
  within a few months. Were you paying attention when 10
  million refugees poured into India from East Pakistan? Do you
  think they came to India on a sight-seeing tour?

  Wake up, dear, and smell the coffee. No, not cofee. Rivers
  choked with bloated bodies. That's the smell. And it still
  lingers nearly 20 years later. 

  How many were killed at Kargil? What was the economic cost and
  the cost in human lives? 

>     The reality is people; Pakistan is very similar to India.  Two
> that shared the same history until 1947, two countries that fought
against a 
> common enemy, with a common goal; freedom from oppression by the British 
> Empire, and two countries that are now struggling to be recognized by the 
> international community.  Both countries want to establish economic and 
> political control in the SE Asian sub-continent.  The only difference is
> one is a Muslim state, and the other is supposedly Secular.  

  You say 'supposedly' secular? What the dickens is that supposed
  to mean? Are you willing to defend your accusation that India
  is not secular in every sense of the word? 

  In fact, I will defend the proposition with the greatest of
  ease that India is more secular than the friggin' Pope is
  Catholic. In fact, India has been systematically appeased its
  religious minorities. 

  No difference between Pakistan and India? Jesus H Christ! Have
  you seen any statistics that tell you the percentage of
  religious minorities in Pakistand and how it has changed since
  1947? Would you rather be a Hindu in Pakistan or a Muslim in

  Which Indian law awards capital punishment for blaspheming the
  Gita? Or painting Saraswati in the nude?  

  Good lord, what am I reading!

  I am not going to respond to the rest of the article. This is
  just too much to take at one go. But I will come back to it

Atanu Dey

  "When the holy months have passed, kill the infidels whereever
  you may find them."        The Bhagavat-Gita.

  "All paths to the Supreme Lord are valid."
                               Holy Koran

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