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Re: manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
"Fiscally responsible pragmatism and not socialistic liberalism or blind
following of merciless capitalism as advocated by some ought to be the
    Well you started off saying this, then you came to the same conclusion I 
came to.  Let me explain:
    I don't adovacte pure socialism, or the utilitarian communism, instead 
I'm proposing a Capitilistic-Socialism, if those two words don't contradict 

I agree with you sir, that if we just let the goverment take care of 
everything, we will fall like USSR, one due to lack of creativity among 
people, and two there will very little money to be spent on welfare that 
instead of raising the standard of living of the poor will instead bring down 
the standard of living of the rich.
    This is the major reason the Congress party is a failure.  Since their 
total socialisitic policy has led them to poor fiscal management, and 
    What we ought to do is promote capitalism, but also tax just the right 
amount so we can spend it to improve the lives of the poor, but also don't 
let the rich go bankrupt and allow them to make more money.  We also have to 
promote foreign investments.  SInce the foreigners have more capital to 
invest than indians.  Doing this will do two things: one give more employment 
opportunities to Indians and bring in more money to the government.
    The ultimate goal is to lift the standard of living of everyone and 
creating a huge middle class, a very little rich class, and an even little 
poor class.  
    I also think irresponsible spending is wrong.  So we have to set up and 
form priorities for spending.  I think Military spending is a waste of money. 
 If we are really a country by Gandhi then we don't need an army for very 
many reasons.  Ofcourse, I'm preaching pacifism or no money to be spent on 
Military, but it needs to be cut so that we don't make nuke bombs, which is 
not the direction we need to be moving in.
We need to instead turn these missle factories to space travel research 
centers, jet propulision centers.  Nuclear Testing Centres to Centres 
planning for Nuclear power plants.  
    This is the reasons we need to sign the CTBT so that sanctions will be 
lifted.  Also we need to cut down corruption.  Now this is the biggest 
challenge of all!  How can we get people to pay accurate taxes, and also how 
can we make sure that money is spent at the right places and not swallowed by 
politicians or other involved in a project.  If we know the answer to that 
India will be in a lot better shape!

- Naveen

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