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RE: Some more reasons against signing CTBT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Dear Mr. Barua, 

Although there are a lot of people agree with your point of view, and it
does make a difference if the USA declare Pakistan a terrorist state, in
fact efforts are already on, both by the private citizens groups as well as
by our Indian Embassy/Government and the India Caucus at US Congress is
working on that. However :

My point is this : Why the heck do we care so much about what USA thinks or
does with Pakistan, especially if we also claim to be some important country
in the world and wish to join the UN Security council some day? The fact is,
we need to grow up and start acting as a powerful country before we expect
the world to recognize us as such. We need to define our foreign policy that
is best suited for us, take actions that are necessary for our national
security interests. It is puzzling to see Indian fixation @ the so called
American Law that allows them to declare a country as a Terrorist state. Why
don't you@ India create such a legislation and then go ahead and execute it
to term Pakistan a Terrorist state. 

I know you can say India Labeling Pakistan as Terrorist or anything doesn't
mean much while if the same is done by the USA, Pakistan can be hit hard
where it hurts, the Economy. So it comes down to the economic power and
trade leverage. Rather then beating around the bush, we need to get on the
job and start working overtime to makeup for the lost time and opportunities
and create an economy and build strong trade links with others so much that
we also can use our trade leverage to force others to fall in line when it

Remember, if it were not for huge trade interests, which by the way drives
most of American Politics, China wouldn't be given a free hand to do
whatever it does in Tibet and elsewhere. Please remember, America stands
less on principles and more on trying to find good words to explain out and
justify what it does, no matter whether it is right or wrong, it is always
right when America does it. 

You can argue endlessly whether what America does it right or wrong, but the
fact is, America rules and you don't. Unfortunately, you as a nation will
get your chance to set the rules when you rule, certainly not until then.
Therefore, it is time to start thinking big, start learning to adapt with
reality,and preparing yourself to rule,and that cannot come without a
winners attitude of CAN DO IT, WILL DO IT, and WON'T WAIT FOR OTHERS TO TAKE

Umesh Tiwari

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