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RE:Noise Pollution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Thanks for picking up a subject which affects everyone, and which is small
enough for our politicians to handle if they are really serious about doing
thing rather then just talking in grand style. Our nation has a peculiar
style of functioning. People qualify themselves with caste, city, or
whatever to give an impression as to why they are great without even showing
any personal qualities. The same way, they like to talk a lot without
substance and want to look nice when it comes to talking about much greater
looking things which seems impossible to do, but very easy to oppose: For
example nuclear issue, India's position in Security Council, Constitutional
Review etc.

However, when it comes to talking about small things such as enacting laws
to control noise pollution, or ban spitting on roads, nobody thinks these
are important things or worthy of attention from our
governments/politicians, cuz they are too busy campaigning for re-elections
every six months,and throwing chairs at each other in the meantime while
they are in the Parliament, or making trips abroad to Seattle, or some place
else making grand speeches or fighting over how corrupt late Rajive Gandhi
was, or if Phoolan Devi should become a Cabinet Minister. 

Yes, we do have an inferiority complex too, perhaps handed down through
generations of oppressed and suppressed masses of thousands of years of
Hindu/Mugal rules or 200 years of British rule that made us believe
everything that is said in English must be great, and everything done by
people/nation of white color/west must be great. Even if that is taken as a
quality, we ought to pay attention to how these western countries are
looking at these and other so called small and yet important matters. 

A small chip that is installed on a TV in order to provide parents with some
control as to what kind of programs their kids can see, are the kind of
issues that are talked about in Presidential debates or in the address of
sitting president of the United States. 

It is time for Indian politicians to start picking up on these seemingly
small matters, which are very important for the people, and manageable too.
NGOs, Citizens groups and an organization like IPI must go after politicians
and get them to act on such matters. 

Umesh Tiwari

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