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IC 814

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From: http://www.india-today.com/itoday/20000117/nation.html

"Q: In the end, the Government succumbed?
R (from Brijesh Mishra) I've spent sleepless nights over this question. =
The answer is: if our aim was to secure the safety of the passengers =
then what we did was correct."
Dear Mr. Mishra,

Militants are killing innocent people in large number everyday. What are =
you doing? Many soliders died through Kargil conflict. Had you withdrawn =
from Kashmir, their lives would have been saved. Usually soliders come =
from poor background, it does not matter for government of India if they =

160 passengers drawn from higher and richer strata of Indian society =
deserve to be saved even at the cost of release of terrorists whose =
capture might have entailed several of lives of soliders.

Had there been any minister's son or daughter like Rubiya Sayeed, you =
would have perhaps immediately agreed to all demands of hijackers to =
secure the release.

India's future does not seem to be secure in hand's of present rulers.

Kailash Srivastava

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