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India's perception of its National Security?

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What is National Security? Is it protection of national interests? For me it
is. Do all national interests get same priority? What is the threshold that
the aggressor will have to cross for India to go for an all out war?

What are India's national interests?

01. The economy
02. The infrastructure (energy, industries, transportation, communications &
03. Its citizens
04. Its allies

Does India have any allies that India would go to war for? No. But India has
a few friends whom it would help when needed. Yes.

What do citizens of India perceive India's national security to be(if any)?
What is government's perception of India's national security? Is it every
Indian's duty to protect India's national security? But if they themselves
are India's national interests than who is protecting them? 

Economy & Infrastructure:
Would India go to war with the aggressor if its economy and infrastructure
was threatened? At what point should India go to war? Is blowing up a
railway station or hijacking national airlines a threat that India would go
to war for? Would India go to war if one of its oil refineries was blown-up?
Or if Bombay-high was under attack? 

What is that limit the aggressor needs to cross before India will go to war?
How many Indian citizen's need to die before India will go to war? How much
money is India willing to spend to fight Pakistan's proxy war?

What is at stake if India goes to war? What is at stake if it doesn't? 

It is safe to say that foreign investor will stop investing if the war is
on. IMF and world bank won't give development aid to fund India's war. The
stock market will plummet with potential of loosing billions of rupees in
market capitalization. These are all short term effects though.

What will happen to India's national interests if Pakistan decides to use
nukes? Or will it? Will we nuke them too? Is going to war with Pakistan
inevitable? Yes. The sooner the better? May be. It is safe to assume that
longer India waits greater will be the danger to its national interests.
Economy is growing. Population is growing. So greater is the threat to
national security.

So how long will it take to recover from a conventional war? And how long
will it take to recover from a nuclear war? Are we ready to call Pakistan's
bluff and go to an all out war? If we go to war, will it be an invasion or
just degradation of Pakistan's military & civil infrastructure? We don't
want their territory. Or do we? Do we want PoK back? 

The only peaceful solution to this problem is conversion of LoC in to an IB.
Plebiscite is out of question. So is giving up Kashmir on a silver platter.
There is a military solution too. The question still remain. What is that
threshold that Pakistan needs to cross before we call for an all out war?

In my perception, Pakistan has already crossed that threshold. Does
everybody else perceive it that way? Does the middle class (the majority)
have same concept of India's national interest? Does the national interest
take a lesser precedence in comparison to personal interest? Should it?

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