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Re: manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Fiscally responsible pragmatism and not socialistic liberalism or blind
following of merciless capitalism as advocated by some ought to be the
course. What Naveen describes in an ultraistic and yet a very vague language
seems more tilted towards socialism which claims do all the good things for
everybody even to the extent not providing enough reasons to motivate people
to work cuz the so called "Government of the People" would take care of
everybody, what this all good talk miserably fails to do is explain how such
a government is going to fund all the good things that you propose,
moreover, what is the guarantee that so much power to redistribute wealth in
the hands of the few will not corrupt them?

Seems like we are talking nothing new and haven't paid any attention when we
saw USSR falling, nor did we see how bankrupt our government had become just
10 years ago when Chandrashekhar had to ship out our gold reserves to Europe
in order to avoid defaulting on our foreign debt repayment, or when IMF or
other agents of foreign governments get the power to dictate what our
Government can or cannot do?

Yes blindly following capitalism is not the right solution, and no solution
is perfect for that matter, or else we would have saved in some computer
program and copied it all over the world to provide perfect governments to
everyone. However, a conscious and continuous efforts should be made to
provide incentives to people who try to engage in business enterprise and
generate wealth. Government should provide them protection, atmosphere of
fair competition, proper infrastructure. While doing so, government does
have the responsibility to uplift those who genuinely cannot help
themselves, however, while trying to work on welfare, government also has to
be fiscally responsible to find ways to fund the programs before promising
to distribute goodies, while tempting it is, but every welfare program takes
a bite away from the limited tax revenue that the government generates,which
is also used to fund Military, Police, Infrastructure development and many
other essential things that the government must do, and raising taxes or
borrowing from abroad is what a fiscally responsible government must refrain
from doing if it seriously intends to improve the lives of people in India. 

Umesh Tiwari

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