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Re.: compulsory education

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Re.: arguments on compulsory education.

Parents naturally wish for a better life for their children and will invest 
in their future. However, I’m not so sure that India is ready for 
‘compulsory education’ – anything compulsory is bound to be resisted.

Here where I stay (Assam), education means big money for the state’s 
politicians. The last govt. (Congress) appointed 60,000 teachers in one fell 
swoop. The quality of these teachers has to be seen to be believed. The last 
(Congress) govt. has condemned generations of children to illiteracy and 
ignorance from ‘education’ by ignorant teachers. The present (AGP) govt. is 
not much better. Many schools have no buildings and no blackboards. The 
State has no money for our children but has enough to waste on the netas and 
babus ( 4,70,000 govt. employees in a state with about 2.5 crore population! 

The govt.’s role should be that of a facilitator. The govt. should not try 
to ‘do’ education, because the govt. is not a doer. This is one fundamental 
truth that our netas and babus will have to learn.

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