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Re: ias training

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
the suggestion by sauvik chakraverti to train ias recruits to vbecome true
servants of the people is no doubt excellent. however, thanks to
reservation quotas and the general decline in the quality of entrants, it
will not be easy to make them get rid of "the people are the problem -- we
are the solution" attitude. but a beginning must be made to put them on the
correct path.

dr verghese kurien (of amul fame)could be of great help if he could be
persuaded to deliver a talk to ias recruits. 

for a long time to come, today's recruits will get influenced by their
seniors who are a thoroughly spoilt, selfish lot. they are the biggest
problem for the country -- taking away public wealth for private good and
giving nothing in return.

it will take a long time to change the mindsets of the IAS babus -- but an
an effort to to do so has to be made.

Indrajit Barua.

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