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Re: manifesto

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hmmm...Now I'm confused!...I thought this was a liberal party? 
    First of all there is nothing wrong with Liberal Socialism folks!
There are a certain rights all human beings have,  that are innate to them.  
When these rights are violated, it becomes the responsibility of the 
Government to help these people.  We all know about most of these freedoms 
and rights, described by Locke and Adam Smith, I'm all for free trade, but 
somethings have to be taken care of the govt, they are as follows:
    1) Universal health care/insurance, so everyone will be protected.  If 
the people can't protect themselves the govt. should
    2) Universal Education.  Just b/c you are poor doesn't mean you shouldn't 
be educated
    3) Social Security to ensure the elderly are left with pension benefits, 
so they don't die.
    4) Basic Welfare, when people can't find jobs or can't self support 
themselves for food.
    5) Homeless Shelters for the homeless
    6) Govt. regulated job training.
It is just a very inhumane argument to say, if you are fortunate you survive 
in your world and if you don't you die.
    We have to as a govt. provide for the welfare of ALL people.  With all of 
your TOTAL Capitalistic philosophy, India will face serious ramifications, as 
the gap between the haves and the have nots widen.
    Let us set up a govt. that is pro-capitalism and PRO-Free trade but also 
one that taxes the private sector to allow for social programs to benefit and 
help everyone.  There are some things that the govt. has a responsibility to 
do and it SHOULD.  NO government intervention or limited government is not 

Hard Working people, a Rickshawman who workes probably harder than many 
business magnets should get some benefits from the government to help him 
raise his standard of living.  He was rid of the benefits of being rich, b/c 
he was poor to start of with, and he wasn't able to afford education, and he 
wasn't able to afford health care.  We have take care of these problems, as a 
society.  YOu do this with the government, which is OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE 

If I see this party as a conservative party with limited government 
philosophy and hands off...leave everything to people and "survival of 
fittest"...I QUIT and would rather join CONGRESS.


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