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Re: ias training

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Forgive me folks for joining late in this debate. If my two cents worth
means anything then I say we don't need IAS Academies or a separate class of
IAS officials. We certainly could and should have very high and strict
standards of educational, as well as relevant experience in industry and/or
academic background for the positions of public offices to run bureaucracy
such as Secretaries of various departments reporting to individual
ministries. All of these administrative positions should have a limited term
and must be filled by 

1. Nomination of the person by the elected executive (such as the prime
minister or chief minister depending upon the jurisdiction) and
2. Subsequent screening and confirmation hearing and approval by the Lok
Sabha or related State Assemblies. 

All of bright and young individuals aspiring to join civil service should
study hard, hone their skills as able administrators by proving to be
successful Academicians/Entrepreneurs and then look for the opportunity for
an elected executive to pick them up and again have the courage to face
intense public scrutiny and confirmation process from the
parliament/assembly of elected representatives. 

In my humble opinion this is the only way to return power to the people, the
ordinary citizens to govern themselves. That's what IAS strives to achieve
but totally the wrong way. 

In my approach, there may not be too many jobs of IAS or other civil
servants, but instead, these bright young people will work towards
generating wealth for the country and for themselves as entrepreneurs while
opting temporarily to join as civil servants to serve individual elected
governments rather then sitting permanently on government payrolls as
parasites (for lack of better word, forgive my choice of no so nice a word!)
no matter whether so many civil servants are needed or not. 

Hope this provides some helpful input, otherwise please ignore my message. I
don't claim to know a lot in this field. 

Umesh Tiwari

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