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Re: Kashmir : a different perspective

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
One possibility (which has been proposed often) is to turn the LOC into
the international border (IB). The border could be made porous so that
trade and travel between Kashmiris on either side can take place
seamlessly. Three questions that arise are: Is it in India's
interest to accept such a resolution? Is it in the Kashmiri people's
interest to accept this solution and Can we expect Pakistan to abide
by such a resolution? I believe the answers to the first and second
questions are Yes and Yes and to the third is No. 

I am convinced that this is the ONLY plausible solution to the Kashmir
dispute. So the basic foreign policy question is:
How can we get Pakistan to see that the course outlined above is in
it's best long-term interests. I believe that the solution is to raise the
cost for Pakistan of pursuing any alternative to such an extent that it
will prefer this to any other solution. How are we to do this: 

The first step would be to isolate Pakistan from it's two principal
allies-US and China. The end of the cold war has made Pakistan less
strategically important in the eyes of the US. Moreover, the enormous
potential of trade with India makes it natural for the US to seek closer
ties with India. The crucial step will be changing our equation with China
but it is not clear to me how we should go about doing this.   

The second step would be to continue to suppress the insurgency in Kashmir
(through Military and civil actions) and maintain a high level of defense
preparedness. This will force Pakistan to commit a larger and larger share
of it's resources to defense and this will put enormous strain on it's
economy. Also, at all times, we should maintain a plausible threat that
India will be willing to use overwhelming military force against pakistan
if we deem it to our advantage.        

The third step will be to take (if need be) unilateral steps to improve
trade and travel between India and Pakistan. This can only help us. 

Abhijit Sarkar
320 Wisconsin Ave. Apt #319
Oak Park, Illinois 60302 USA
(708) 848-5624

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