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RE:Pakistan...let's consider my solution

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Don't label everyone who disagrees with you as a "Hindu supremacist" my
friend.It is not a problem of Hindu or Muslim. You mention :
"Kashmir was a disputed area ever since independence; it was even discussed
during the Paki separation"
The fact is, Kashmir was not, I repeat NOT part of partition or
independence, but rather it became a part of India after partition when the
then ruler of J&K decided that his country was better off becoming an
integral part of India rather then getting swallowed by Pakistan which sent
what it called "tribals", the newly invented label for guerilla warriors of
its Military force. That history and the letter of accession sent by the
ruler of Kashmir to the then Governor General of India Lord Mountbatton,
hand delivered by none other then our then home minister Menon, is no secret
and I am sure you are aware of this piece of important history while our
nation was still being built.
Pt. Nehru in fact initially refused to get in the middle of the fight
between the two neighbors, and yes that's exactly what they were, neighbors,
Pakistan & Kashmir until late October of 1947 when Kashmir fell into our lap
and then it became our own problem. 
Your arguments are well intentioned but unfortunately that's all they are,
and you did a good job expressing your nice and liberal intentions for a
peaceful world. I wish I could join you in asking the whole world to stop
spending all it does in building Armies and fighting wars. 
Coming back to reality, I think if we were just a little bit less liberal
then we have already been, we would be a much better, admired and more
peaceful country now then we are. Thanks to our softness and liberalism we
as a nation don't seem to know whether we want to keep our country together
or not, and yes, while trying to be liberal we even seem to forget the
civility of accepting a dissenting opinions with calm but rather go on
abusing everyone we disagree with, like by calling those who don't agree
with you as "Hindu Supremacist". 
Umesh Tiwari

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