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Re: Completely misguided arguments on compulsory education

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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 12:44:45 EST

    I'm not sure about what you folks suggesting with mandatory education 
leading to lesser population!?!  Hello! 
    I think you guys were saying poor people have kids because they can send 
them to work and make money??? That is not only an assumption, it a very 
offensive one to all poor people in India.  People have kids. Period. 
Teaching how to use contraception and free distribution of contraception 
should be what I think should be done about reducing population.
    Now I do agree with you folks that mandatory education is good, not only 
for the children, but also to improve the Indian literacy rate, and to allow 
people to have an opportunity to be productive and successful members of 
    I think that mandatory education will also reduce the rate of child labor 
and forced abusive child labor.
    SO those are the reasons why we need to have mandatory education, not 
because it's a family planning procedure.  I think everyone has kids, even 
the rich!!

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