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Re: Kashmir: a different perspective

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 16:53:43 +0000

I agree wholeheartedly.  Kashmir is as much a land of 
Muslims as of Pandits.  I recently read an auto ad from 
BMW which stated "in the beginning nothing belonged to 
no one, and now the road belongs to BMW". We are the BMW 
now in Kashmir.  Before the separatist movement started, 
for decades, Kashmiri Muslims lived in peace with the 
rest of India, Pandit Nehru and the rest of us bending 
over backwards to appease them, Shawlwallas and 
furniture wallas walking the streets of our cities doing 
brisk business, houseboats shining on the lake with 
tourist rupees, Amarnath trips and Bollywood shootings 
pouring considerable money into the local economy. I do 
not think common man in the streets of Srinagar was 
oppressed and wanted to separate from Hindu India. These 
are all gimmicks produced by the Muslim world.

Islam, in its practice in recent times,  have become a 
strong political force, intrusive and intolerant almost 
like a cult, and set out to Islamize the world. Even the 
peaceful and secular Muslim countries like Egypt, 
Turkey, Algeria and Indonesia are ravaged by these 
fanatics who seem to be winning the battle over moderate 
mussalmans.  Muslims have become Islamists now and their 
extremism has become a real threat to post cold war 
world peace. 

No one can believe that any sensible Kashmiri would like 
to join a bankrupt and lost country like Pakistan. 
Minority Muslims such as, Sias and Ahammadis live far 
worse in Sunni Pakistan than minority muslims in general 
in Hindu India.   This so called liberation would have 
ended long time ago were it not for the active support, 
both militarily and politico-religiously, provided by 
Pakistan and Afgan mercenaries and compounded by the 
baby steps our government has taken towards this problem.

We must let the world know that in addition to legal 
documents from Hari Singh, 40 years of possession has 
legitimized our claim over the territory. Right over the 
hill China is occupying Tibet and no one can tell China 
to leave. I do not believe Israel will return all the 
seized land to Syria either. Kashmir is ours and ours to 
remain. The whole nation must be laser focused behind 
this sentiment. Force and aggression must be met with 
greater force and aggression. As General Powell 
said "overwhelming force used cautiously". 

I do not know if the Govt. of Farookh Abdulla and New 
Delhi takes the people of Kashmir in confidence and 
level with it and request patience. Without reaching out 
to people and otherwise causing no additional harm, 
Indian forces would appear as outsiders, destabilizing 
the local scene and thus unwanted. We must remove the 
distrust muslim Kashmiris has with hindu India.

Having said all this, the administration must also 
realize the plight of Kashmiris and provide security and 
opportunity to pursue happiness to its Kashmiri citizens.
All their resentment is not religion based and we have 
failed to integrate them fully within the national 
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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> If you think that it is alright for a country to let go of it economically
> less attractive regions then why don't you also advocate giving away a piece
> of Bihar, some deserts of Rajsthan and badlands of Kuchh in Gujrat?
> Economy of Jammu & Kashmir deserves attention, and whether it is good or not
> does matter, but not in deciding on whether or not you can let go of that
> integral piece of your country!
> Moreover, it is unwise to think that 40 years of conflict is going to end
> simply by your giving away Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan. In fact this was the
> very basis upon which the whole of Pakistan got created, and look what
> happened since!
> The fact is, as soon as you think of handing over a piece of India to
> Pakistan or whoever, the disintegration of India as you know it, will start,
> and then this country of your will disappear from the map sooner then you
> can imagine. You only need to pay attention to the statements of the Jihadis
> who call every non-Muslim a Quafir, and that makes almost all of India a
> land of sinners, and hence worthy of annihilation! I am sure you already
> know ISI's links with BODOs and ASSAM terrorists and their not so secret
> intentions to disintegrate India. 
> Umesh
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