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Re: Why YES! to CTBT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    I Strongly think India should sign the Comprehensive Test Ban treaty.
This would not, opposing to popular belief, reduce the "power" of India (If
she has any!), but instead improve the economic conditions in India, that
which should be the major focus.  If India signs the nuclear test ban
treaty; many sanctions placed on India will be lifted by the western
nations.  Let us face it, India is a poor country at the mercy of aid and
financial support from the west.  It is not wise for us to turn down
economic opportunities, and economic development.
    India is afraid of foreign intervention.  It is a fear imposed on us,
ever since Vas Coda Gamma, came to India, which led to foreigners chopping
up and stealing Indian wealth.  We are still in the age-old philosophy of "be
Indian, buy Indian" That might have worked 50 years ago, but self-reliance
will be detrimental in today's world.  India is an independent country, and
we shouldn't be worried about taken over by foreign nations.  We are afraid
of being dictated and run by threats from foreign nations.  This is simply
stupid and worthless ego.  We don't have to and we can't prove our might by
possessing nuclear weapons.  If we want to show our might, we have to prove
it through a strong economy and business.  How can we do that?
   Well India first should allow for more trade opportunities from the
west. Indian businesses will not be hurt as a result, instead they will
with foreign business and would try to produce cheaper and better quality
goods, which will result in cheaper products for the consumer, which will
lead to a strong economy.  This should be our main focus.
   India is not Yugoslavia, India is not Iraq or Sudan.  India is a
soverign nation with more than billion citizens.  The U.S. see India as a
threat, since we have the Biggest army in the world and they know better
than to mess with a country this big, through military conflicts.  The only
through which they can mold India is through sanctions and economic
shutdown.  This as I have shown is something India greatly needs.
   This is what I believe India should do.  India should sign the test ban
treaty.  We don't need Nuclear weapons to show our power.  Instead we first
have to become a rich nation.  If we, like the nations of the west,
inter-connect our economy with other countries and integrate trade, we will
earn the respect that's a' due.  Therefore I strongly support signing the
test ban treaty.

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