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Re:visited your site

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Prof,

Pl. send in whatever material. Will be v.useful for all participants here.


"mrl" <meeterl@ch1.dot.net.in> wrote:

>To: <info@indiapolicy.org>
>From: "mrl" <meeterl@ch1.dot.net.in>
>Subject: visited your site
>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 05:57:02 +0530
>this is dr. m. rajivlochan, e-mail:  meeterl@ch1.dot.net.in.  i teach in
the department of history, panjab university.  my work is in the general
area of "contemporary history".  i chanced upon your site.  found the
discussions very interesting.
>for the last three years i and some friends have been working in a small
way on the problems plaguing the system of higher education.  in the process
we even have had court cases slammed on us by the punjab and haryana high
>in one case the court ultimately decided that the admissions standards that
our department was following were better than what the university
recommended. next year the university made it mandatory for all of us to
follow its own admissions stadnards.
>in another case the court hauled us up for going on a strike.  strike, we
argued, was the only way we could get the government to listen to us.  the
court said that strikes harm the dignity of teachers.  no, matter, we said
and explained our point of view in detail.  at this the court not only
allowed us to continue with the strike!! it also asked the govenrment to
quickly take cognisance of what was being asked of it.
>if you like we could pass on some of this material to you as also
information about other activities.
>m  rajivlochan


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