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Re: RSS and its antics

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It was an interesting reply. 7643tu2ydu3274627. You
can read my sentence. But try now.

btb yIyubytubytuyu byuisyub unyuout uyuaylwrtrayrryvsv

Could you read the above sentence ? I don't think. It
is not possible to read the above sentence because of
lot of garbage. Some one is repeating some thing
nonsense , when I am writing "It is no always

  And that is why Krishnan Kandasamy is arguing about
"RSS does not have a right to tell us what to do".
Beacuse in presence of enough noise the actuall
message also gets lost.

  Freedom of speech does not mean Freedom to make
others listen.

--- Padmanabha Rao <kvprao@igidr.ac.in> wrote:
> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it,
> and propagate it!
> On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Krishnan Kandasamy wrote:
>  ...RSS or other have no business to tell us how we
> should live our lives
>  that is all.
> The act of "telling" actually flows from the act of
> listening or reacting.
> ^av(3ji%m!  j0@kh7e  ikr.  You wouldn't know what I
> just said, because
> either by circumstance or choice you don't
> heed/understand it. Silly,
> common sense ? Quite so. So why not actually apply
> it, and apply it for
> the likes of the RSS, the Christians, the abc, and
> the xyz. I repeat: IPI
> gives the freedom to say whatever thoughts one has,
> and so to India does
> to all its members. The correct, and if I may, the
> only means to reconcile
> differences in worldview and opinion is through
> persuasion. Rhetoric and
> Listservs don't make a silly dent in the affairs. We
> ought to be thinking
> on the opportunities where the persuasion will be
> 'unleashed'. When the
> dog is unleashed one also takes the responsibility
> to go where it goes.
> Similarly the persuasion is two-way, whether between
> me-RSS, RSS-nonRSS,
> India-US or whatever. It's easy to lose sight or
> these "obvious" things.
> Hence my persuasion here.
> Thanks.
> Padmanabha Rao

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