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Re: Is India a model Democracy?

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Padmanabha Rao wrote:

> On the other hand, what too about the irresponsible folks handling the
> private-sector Newsrooms and Newspapers, who make (and I suppose
> deliberately) events as News, without going into any analyses/syntheses
> whatsoever. Nepal in the immediate time, and almost all violent histories
> earlier, were as much m-a-d-e by the reckless media as by the actors
> there. Yes, the media has become the message today. And it's horrendous.
> If we are any the wiser, its seems eminently right for a government to
> establish a regulatory system when it comes to News and Reports, on
> FM Networks.

I hope this is not an argument for state sanctioned media control?  If it is,
it is a very bad one.  Can we say that the Government is as bad (certainly
during times of war) to manipulate media to serve its own interests?  If your
sole information/news provider is a monolithic state agency then how are we
assured that this information is accurate and that the state is not attempting
to filter the information to serve its own interests?

> The point is very obvious: FM is LOCAL and INSTANTANEOUS. And there's no
> positive social welfare in CurrentAffairs on FM. "News and Current
> Affairs". That's where the problem of handling time gets in. And the
> private-sector Information-Disseminators have every short-term incentive
> to abuse it. Mind you, reporting on the Kashmir fiasco since in the 90s is
> not CurrentAffairs for the FMs, but what they might do is to tell you that
> 40 people got bombed in Doda district two minutes ago. Tell me what's the
> USE of this information, except perhaps, other circumstances contributing,
> it might flare up the town, Doda, and maybe soon Delhi and Dadar. There's
> no positive social welfare.

Is it not clear that violence in Kashmir and other states is a way for the
public to vent their frustrations.  In such situations wouldn't it make more
sense for the state to allow FM media via radio talk shows, etc. to express
ideas freely and vent their frustrations in that manner?  That is, violence is
an instinctive form of communication when the oral expression is suppressed
(for example, by the state).

Hence, your explanation about the role of FM Radio is inadequate and even
irrational.  It is also a common justification given by state agencies to gain
control over the medium.

> In the instance if the FM does report the CurrentAffairs at that 3.15 p.m.
> I cannot *instantly* call up my MLA and tell him to get the government to
> put it out *instantly*, nor can I *instantly* DO anything about it as a
> lone individual.

The role of local radio such as FM is to provide general information which may
not have immediate value.  Information must be available (in abundance) to the
citizens of a Democracy for the country to flourish as a whole.  The power to
interpret the information should be left up to the people and not up to anyone
on this forum or any individual in the Government to impose unnecessary
controls over the media!!

> Thanks for you patience.
> Padmanabha Rao

Yes, I am patiently waiting to verify your quote on Einstein which you have
posted on IPI in the past.  I was not able to verify/validate this quote in
the books by Davies, Reid, Folsing, Bernstein, and more recently Lightman who
have all written about Einstein and his work.  I take it that you have
fabricated it unless you can provide me with proof?

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