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Christian Superiority

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>It is interesting that termites don't build things, and the great >builders 
>of this nation almost to a man have been Christians, because
>Christians have the desire to build something

It should be easy enough to debunk this american ayatollah.  First, the 
'great builders of this nation' with the vision to build america were 
actually 'freemasons', not christians.  Freemasons are a very secretive cult 
which have outward trappings of christianity but its fundamental driving 
beliefs are the very antithesis of christianity.

Second, it is common knowledge that early europeans came to america 
precisely because they were hounded by christians back home and they had no 
love or use for this oppressive religion.

Third, europe, and later, america, only started making progress once they 
rejected christianity and embraced 'reformation'.  Prior to the 16th century 
and going back to 500 C.E, europe was plunged in a 1000 yr long dark ages.  
It is no surprise that these dark ages started shortly after christianity 
was adopted as the state religion of the roman empire! Far from building and 
progressing, christianity actually set europe back a 1000 yrs from the 
advances made by pagans like archimedes, plato, socrates and myriad others.

Sanjay Garg

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>Subject: Christian Superiority
>Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:39:59 -0800 (PST)
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Here is a speech from right-wing Christian fundamentalist Pat Robertson,
>which no doubt our Leftist Indians would be quite gleeful over. The Indian
>Left should make every effort to join the Ku Klux Klan, in order to make
>common cause with them. They are both on the same side, after all.
>IndiaPost: Hindu Chutzpah Stings 'Ayatollah' Robertson
>First a little background on what Robertson has said
>about Hindus and Hinduism and that is followed by the
>Subodh Chandra Vs Pat Robertson Duel:
>On Friday, December 8, 2000, Rev. Robertson spoke at
>Cleveland's City Club-the longest running free speech
>forum in the nation.  After his speech, Subodh
>Chandra, a lawyer by training, asked him about some of
>his quotations.  Subodh Chandra's question and
>Robertson's answer were broadcast nationwide on
>hundreds of public radio stations, and were televised
>on December 11, 2000 on WVIZ, Channel 25, Cleveland.
>A videotape or audiotape copy may be ordered from
>www.cityclub.org.  The exchange is transcribed below
>the quotations below.
>  Christian Nation
>700 Club, 12-3-81:   "The Constitution of the United
>States, for instance, is a marvelous document for
>self-government by Christian people. But the minute
>you turn the document into the hands of non-Christians
>and atheistic people they can use it to destroy the
>very foundation of our society."
>  700 Club, 7-2-82:   "It is interesting that termites
>don't build things, and the great builders of this
>nation almost to a man have been Christians, because
>Christians have the desire to build something.  He is
>motivated bylove of man and God, so he builds.  The
>people who have comei nto these institutions are
>primarily termites.  They are destroying the
>institutions that have been built by Christians
>whether it is universities, governments, or our own
>traditions that we have . . . the termites are in
>charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be,
>and the time has
>arrived for a godly fumigation."
>   700 Club, 6-13-91:   [Conversation responding to a
>Muslim leading prayer in Congress:   Co-host Sheila
>Walsh:  "Oh boy.  So where does it stop?   Robertson:
>It doesn't, Sheila.  You'll have Hindus up there now.
>Baha'i.   Walsh:  Do we have white witches opening in
>prayer?   Robertson:  Undoubtedly.  You'll have all
>kinds of weirdness.  This is the opening gun.  America
>was founded by Christian people.  There isn't any
>question about it.  It was a Christian country.  The
>Supreme Court said, "This is a Christian nation."
>700 Club, 7-26-88:   "...Ouija boards aren't harmless.
>Ouija boards are often time-directed by demonic
>spirits. There are various types of chants. The
>so-called TM Mantras are actually prayers in Sanskrit
>to various Hindu Gods who are in turn demons, and you
>are saying something you don't understand when in
>essence you are praying to
>a devil to come to you."
>     700 Club, 9-11-89:   "Hinduism and many of the
>occult activities that come out of the Orient are
>inspired by demons and demon worship...There's this
>concept that all religions are the same and all are
>good. That is not true. The worship of the Devil is
>not good."
>     The New World Order, 1992:   "If anybody
>understood what Hindus really believe, there would be
>no doubt that
>they have no business administering government
>policies in a country that favors freedom and
>   700 Club, 1-7-91:   "[W]hat is Hinduism but Devil
>worship, ultimately?"
>   700 Club, 1-8-91:   "You mark my word: the
>secularists have stripped society of Christianity, or
>are trying to do it, but when the vacuum is filled, it
>isn't going to be anti-God. No way. It's going to be
>God from India. It's going to be Hinduism."
>   700 Club, 10-1-93:   "The poverty of that nation,
>the poverty that Hinduism has brought upon them. They
>had one million Gods in the Hindu pantheism. Here
>they've got a God that's got a face like an elephant."
>   700 Club, 4-20-94:   "These [Hindus] are the folks
>who are bringing New age to America and telling
>us that they have something better. I mean, and I've
>heard some of these so-called liberals who say, 'Oh,
>you just don't understand how good Hinduism is.' Just
>look at it."
>    700 Club, 3-26-95:   "The thing about Hinduism that
>is so pernicious is -- and, Ben, you would be
>interested in this -- this is Apartheid with a
>religious sanction, because the untouchables basically
>were Black people and the Brahmins were the white
>ones. The fair-skinned were the Aryans who came in and
>overcame the Davidians who were the native people. So
>in order to keep them under subjection, they said `God
>says that when creation   took place, you were
>inferior,' and if a shadow of an untouchable even goes
>across the faith of an  Brahmin, the untouchable will
>be punished severely, maybe even killed....So we're
>importing Hinduism into the United States. Edward
>Casey is here in Virginia Beach, talking about
>reincarnation. The whole thought of Karma, of
>meditation, of the fact that there no end of life, and
>there is an endless wheel of life, this is all
>Hinduism...This is the kind of thing we think is
>elevated, whatever, the origin of it all is demonic.
>We can't let this kind of thing come into America."
>   700 Club, 7-3-95:   "Significantly the land of their
>origin, India, has horrible poverty. It also has
>desperate problems of overpopulation, illiteracy,
>hunger, mismanagement, and suffering. So it seems
>strange that religions which have brought such trouble
>to India would be imported to the West, where we have
>flourished and prospered
>under Christianity for many centuries."
>   700 Club, 10-5-2000:  [On a dispute in Houston over
>the distribution of 10 Commandments book covers
>to schools, quoting an opponent of the book covers who
>said that the first commandment, "Thou shall have no
>other gods before me" is offensive to Hindus.]
>   "The concept that one God, 'Thou shall have no other
>gods before me,' will somehow upset a Hindu, that's
>tough luck!  America was founded as a Christian
>nation. Our institutions presuppose the existence of a
>Supreme Being, a Being after the Bible. And we as
>Americans believe in the God of the Bible. And the
>fact that somebody comes with what amounts to an alien
>religion to these shores doesn't mean that we're going
>to give up all of our cherished religious beliefs to
>accommodate a few people who happen to believe in
>something else. You just can't do that. And that's
>been the thing that's been pushed over and over again
>. . ."
>DECEMBER 8, 2000
>   SUBODH CHANDRA                Good afternoon,
>Reverend Robertson--
>    ROBERTSON                     --Yes, sir--
>    CHANDRA                        --and welcome to
>Cleveland; we're glad to have you here--
>    ROBERTSON                     --thank you, thank
>     CHANDRA                        --I admire your
>leadership qualities and very much appreciate your
>message of coming together as one nation--
>     ROBERTSON                    --mmm hmm--
>     CHANDRA                       --But I'd like for
>you to answer this question as candidly as you can:
>Does it really serve the purpose of trying to bring
>this diverse nation together as one people, when you
>have made statements as you have in the past, as you
>did in your book, The New World Order [1992], "If
>anybody understood what Hindus really believe, there
>would be no doubt that they have no business
>administering government policies in a country that
>favors freedom and equality,"--you've said that on the
>700 Club about the Constitution "in the hands of
>non-Christians."  And I ask you, as a fellow graduate
>of the Yale Law School--
>     ROBERTSON                    [chuckles]
>     CHANDRA                       --as somebody who
>shares your passion for this country--
>     ROBERTSON                    --yes--
>     CHANDRA                       --and this
>   ROBERTSON                      --right--
>     CHANDRA                       --how can you look
>at me as the child of immigrants, as a devout Hindu,
>and say that I don't have as much to offer this
>country, in leadership, as you?  Thank you, sir.
>     ROBERTSON                    That's good.  I'm
>glad that you have come from India to this great
>nation, because--
>     CHANDRA                       --actually, I was
>born in Oklahoma--
>     ROBERTSON                    Well that's, that's
>even better.  I have worked extensively in India.  I
>have been there.  And, I--if you want me to be frank,
>I guess, you know, am I supposed to be nice or
>politically correct, or tell the truth?  I have, we
>have, we have a tremendous amount of work going on in
>India.  I took our flying hospital into India; I love
>the Indian people; they are the most
>beautiful, responsive people.  We have dug hundreds of
>wells in villages to help people have water.  But I
>also met with an Indian bishop, who said, "You see the
>color of my skin," I said "Yes, it's quite dark," he
>said, "well I am in he lower class, I'm an
>untouchable" and I also met with a guy, whose name was
>Nirmal Bhattacharya, who was in the B[r]ahmin class,
>and he had fair skin, and my friend in India that I
>spent extensive time with said that there're two to
>three hundred million people that are suffering from
>one of the worst types of Apartheid--much worse than
>what they had in South Africa--and it's almost
>exclusively based on their skin color.  The thought of
>the Hindu the Brahmin had the head of Brahma
>[sic]--these were the upper classes, the next layer
>with his chest and when you get down to the
>Untouchable they were under the feet of Brahma, they
>were brought forth and for a person of the Brahma
>[sic] caste if even an Untouchable would walk by them
>and the shadow of the Untouchable would fall on them
>they were unclean for at least a week.  But women
>we've dealt with in villages where not able [sic] to
>go to the wells if they were in the Untouchable class
>and the Brahmin [sic] and the higher-class Hindus were
>able to get their, get their water.  Now, God Bless
>you, I mean was in a meeting I spoke to 500,000 people
>in open-air meeting [sic] and it was one of the most
>wonderful responses I've ever had.  The spiritual
>hunger of those people is just extraordinary, and I
>love India and I mean I pray for India virtually every
>day and so, but I do not believe that somebody who
>believes in a caste system and who believes that
>somebody has got a Karma and that Karma can't be
>erased once they're born that flies in the face of the
>freedom and free enterprise that we have here in
>America and you know if I am telling the truth [sic],
>but I'm telling it on experience [sic] I have been
>there seen it and know extensive [sic] about which I
>speak.  But God Bless you, you went to Yale so you
>have to be something very, very wholesome and
>wonderful about you [sic].  I also have two graduates
>of the Indian Institute of Technology working for me.
>They're absolutely brilliant and I would hire as many
>people from that organization--Intel takes 40% of
>their technology people from the Indian Institute of
>Technology--it is a superb school-- and I've got one
>who is a chemical engineer and another one who has
>graduated from some other division and I am just
>overjoyed to have people of that brilliance working
>for me.  And if you go out to Silicon Valley, I'm sure
>you know, you don't see anybody except Indians and
>Chinese, I mean there are very few, you know,
>so-called white-skinned Caucasians out there because
>the genius resides in these people who come from
>overseas, regardless of their religion, so, so much
>for that.
>Contact address (from www.cbn.com):   Rev. Pat
>Robertson   The Christian Broadcasting Network   977
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>Prayer 1-800-759-0700   For e-mail contacts, see www.cbn.com
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