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Re: RSS and its antics

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I have written my comments about your mail.
> Some of the latest gems of RSS.
> 1)Hindus should not celebrate Birthdays, New years,
> and any "westernized" 
> functions.
  They are not asking us to stop celebrating birthday
and new year. They are asking us to stop celebrating
it as per Christian calender and in christian style.
It really does not make sense to follow Christian
calender and rituals in your personal life if you are
not a Christian. Our calanders are older than theirs
so why should we follow theirs? 
> 2)Indian discovered America.
  Can you please furnish the source of this
information. I have not read it anywhere.
> 3)Herbal petrol works.
  Nothing becomes wrong just because we can not
comprehend it. There is nothing wrong in taking it as
a theory and exploring it. This is the basic scietific
approach that first you formulate a hypothesis and
then test its validity. It may sound insane and
ridiculous to you but it sounded insane and ridiculous
to europians when Gllelio said earth is round. All
inventions look impossible before they are invented.
But if the scientific community also start thinking in
the same way their would be no progress. Grow up and
start exploring views that are contrary to your
knowledge. This approach toward Herbal petrol is no
different that Baptist approach towards Evolution. 

> These minions/goondas don't have any other work than
> to be the 
> "self-appointed" moral guardians of Indian society.
> It is these antics which, makes them similar to the
> fanatic Islamic mullahs 
> bent upon keeping the Islamic people in the middle
> ages.
  This is correct. But how many times have you written
against Islamic mullahs? Can you write against them
and still walk freely? But you can write agaist RSS
and still walk freely. That is what makes them
diffrent from mullahs.
> RSS or others have no business to preach to others
> on how they should lead 
> their lives.
   Who has this business? Preaching is officially
allowed in our coutry. If Christians and Muslims and
everyone else can preach their lifestyle why can't
Hindus? Now don't tell me that others preach
peacefully while RSS is violent. At least they have
killes someone for not suscribing to their views and
compare this to killing of Lab Kumar on Chrismas eve
in Tripura for not accepting Batptism. (TOI
> It is because of the  above narrow mindedness 
> practiced by RSS/BJP/ and not 
> Hinduism's real attributes that makes it necessary
> for India to be secular.
  Who is narrow minded , those who think Herbal Petrol
might work or those who have already concluded that it
does not work? But I agree to you that :-
a) People should be broad minded.
    It applies to everyone, people of other religions
as well who think theirs is the only way to reach to
god. And to you as well who thinks Herbal petrol does
not work. "It might!" is the open minded response to
any theory.
b) People has no right to preach how others should
live their life. 
   Immediate ban on all religios preaching , because
thats what is done in religious preaching.
> I believe in Hinduism's inclusively, not these
> narrow minded, medieval 
> morons to safeguard Indian society.
  I agree to you on this sentence completely but we
differ on interpretation of "these".

> http://www.deccan.com/itop5.htm
> I guess the "intelligent" proponents of Unsecular
> India will now stop 
> celebrating New Year. Good Luck!
   Not new year but the "Christian New year".
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