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RE: Remarks Attributed to Film Star?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I don't  see the relevance of thi issue to system reform, unless  Mr 
kukreti suspects some kind of  "conspiracy theory" at work here. but, 
India and Nepal - why the hell would anyone seek to make to rift 
between us ?

"Sanjai Kukreti" <skukreti@home.com> wrote on Wednesday December 27, 
2000 at 11:34am:
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate 
>It's interesting to see that the star of the hit movie, Mission 
Kashmir, has
>somehow been attributed as making remarks against Nepal! How has 
this come
>about? He himself denies it, and no proof has been provided of these
>remarks. Who has somehow attributed the remarks to him? I wonder who 
>have an interest in putting such words in the actor's mouth...
>Times of India
>Hrithik denies anti-Nepal comments
>NEW DELHI: Even as Nepal continues to simmer, Hrithik Roshan has 
>making any adverse comments against Nepal. The actor clarified that 
he had
>never commented in any television interview that Nepal and Nepalese 
were the
>country and the people he hated the most.
>"I have never given a TV interview to any channel, stating that I 
>Nepal and its people," Roshan said in Mumbai. "The fact is that I 
love Nepal
>as I love India and have tremendous respect for the Nepalese people,"
>Hrithik said.
>The police shot and killed two protesters in Kathmandu, as thousands 
>left-wing students Tuesday clashed with police, blocked traffic and
>ransacked a movie theater to protest Hrithik's remark against Nepal. 
>policemen were seriously injured in stone throwing by the students.
>Policemen first fired in the air to avert arson by a mob at a theater
>screening Mission Kashmir starring Hrithik. But they shot dead two 
>after they were attacked with stones.
>Nearly 5,000 students from at least half a dozen colleges in 
Kathmandu took
>out protests in colleges and poured into the streets, blocking 
traffic for
>at least two hours.
>Indian film stars are very popular in Nepal where most theaters show 
>language movies. At the Gopi Krishna movie theater in the Nepalese 
>that is screening Mission Kashmir, protesters ransacked the theater, 
>the posters and film rolls. The street leading to the theater was 
blocked by
>the police.(AP)
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