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Re: RSS and its antics

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Some of the latest gems of RSS.

1)Hindus should not celebrate Birthdays, New years, and any "westernized" 
2)Indian discovered America.
3)Herbal petrol works.

These minions/goondas don't have any other work than to be the 
"self-appointed" moral guardians of Indian society.

It is these antics which, makes them similar to the fanatic Islamic mullahs 
bent upon keeping the Islamic people in the middle ages.

RSS or others have no business to preach to others on how they should lead 
their lives.

It is because of the  above narrow mindedness  practiced by RSS/BJP/ and not 
Hinduism's real attributes that makes it necessary for India to be secular.

I believe in Hinduism's inclusively, not these narrow minded, medieval 
morons to safeguard Indian society.


I guess the "intelligent" proponents of Unsecular India will now stop 
celebrating New Year. Good Luck!

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