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Leftists Always Slander

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I find it interesting to see how Leftists resort to outright fabrication
against any innocent party, in order to extort some kind of moral highground
for themselves. Leftists are truly the modern highway robbers of this day
and age. They jump at any opportunity to prey upon others who've done
nothing to them. And the more they lather on the slander and fabrications,
the more these take on a life of their own. Please read how the Leftist
myth-making is snowballing.


Times of India

I love Nepal as much as I love India: Hrithik
By A Staff Reporter

MUMBAI: Thoroughly baffled about a controversy not of his making, Bollywood
filmstar Hrithik Roshan on Wednesday denied having made any remarks on Nepal
and its people and said he loved the country as much as he did India.

The 26-year-old actor also expressed remorse for the fatal shooting by the
police on the Kathmandu streets of two students who were among the
5,000-strong crowd protesting against the ``non-existent'' remarks alleged
to have been made to a TV channel. And since the remarks were non-existent,
there was no question of tendering an apology, report agencies. ``I
challenge anyone to produce evidence or transcript of the interview from any
TV channel in the world where I am supposed to have made the derogatory
remarks,'' the actor said. He offered his ``heartfelt sympathies and
condolence to the family of innocent people who have become victims of a
dangerous game being perpetrated against me by some vested interests.''

On being contacted at his Juhu home, where the security has been beefed up,
Hrithik said, ``I have absolutely no idea about what could have sparked the
incident. At first, when I read the news in a Mumbai daily paper which had
reported that the people of Nepal were furious about my remarks, I thought
it was a baseless rumour which would die a natural death. But then,
unfortunately, matters escalated--with tragic consequences.''

The violent incident in Nepal was incited by a media report claiming that
the actor had told a TV channel correspondent that ``the country and the
people he hated the most are Nepal and the Nepalese''.

Hrithik emphasised that he had not given any such interview. ``In fact, I
have only done six TV interviews in my life,'' he told The Times of India,
adding, ``The first one was for Star News around January 25 following the
attempt on the life of my father (Rakesh Roshan). Then there was an
interview for Good Morning India on the launch of Subhash Ghai's film
Yaadein, besides interviews for the promos of my films Fiza and Mission
Kashmir. I also appeared on Simi Garewal's show. And I have been interviewed
for Karan Thapar's Face to Face which is scheduled for telecast in the first
week of January.

``All the videotapes of the interviews can be cross-checked. I have never
ever said a single word on Nepal and its people,'' he asserted. ``In fact,
ever since my schooldays, I have longed to visit Kathmandu for a holiday. I
love Nepal and its people as much as I love India and its people.''

Two of the Roshans' household staffers--Prem Singh Negi (50) and Bhupraj
Regni (30)--are from Nepal. ``Prem Singh has been my most trusted help. He
has been with the family for three decades and, like a second dad, he has
brought me up with boundless love and affection,'' Hrithik said. ``And Bhupi
has been like a brother. When we were kids, we'd play cricket and football
and learn English together.''

On being asked about his view that the incident had been motivated by
``vested interests'', the actor responded, ``I cannot help feeling that
there's a bid to tarnish my image. Where the report originated from and why
is a mystery to me. How could any remarks have been ascribed to me without
their being authenticated? I am hundred per cent apolitical. I am deeply
hurt that I have been pushed into a controversy.''

Added Hrithik, ``I feel helpless because I cannot even begin to trace the
source of this unfortunate incident. Obviously, some hidden hand is
responsible for ascribing insensitive statements to me which are way beyond
my wildest imagination.''

On the death of the two students who were shot in the melee, the actor said,
``It's tragic that two families have been hit by an avoidable tragedy. On my
part, I appeal to the people of Nepal to discount unfounded, concocted
stories. I offer my condolences to the bereaved families. I sincerely want
to assure them that I will go to any lengths to help them in any way I

Nepal seeks apology from Hrithik

Police out in Kathmandu on Wednesday. (AP)

KATHMANDU: The city continued to remain tense for the third day on Wednesday
as the Nepal government insisted that Indian film star Hrithik Roshan
publicly apologise for his alleged derogatory remarks about the country and
its people.

Angry youths, most of them students, barricaded major streets linking
Kathmandu and its downtown areas. Anti-Indian sentiment was quite visible in
the streets following Tuesday's rioting and clashes in which four persons
were killed and 30 injured.

Sources said mobs had attacked some tourists, particularly those from India.
The police were put on high alert to prevent the law and order situation
from going out of control.

``If the tense situation continues for another couple of hours, the
government will have to impose curfew,'' a home ministry official said. The
demand for Hrithik's public apology came hours after clashes forced Nepal's
information and communication ministry to order all cinema halls not to show
any movies with Hrithik Roshan as the star, unless the apology was issued.

Space Time Network, the Kathmandu Valley's only independent cable television
channel, was forced to close all its Indian channels after receiving threats
from the agitating students. ``It is not only Hrithik Roshan who is against
us (Nepalis), it is the whole of India and its bossy attitude we are
protesting against,'' a stone-throwing protester said in Thapathali, which
lies at the northern end of Kathmandu.

On Tuesday, angry students also tried to torch a cinema hall which was
screening Hrithik's latest film Mission Kashmir. They also blocked access to
the theatre by burning tires on the approach road. A home ministry spokesman
confirmed that the police had first fired some teargas shells and
subsequently some blank bullets to disperse the unruly mob. ``The police had
to open fire as students started attacking the police and tried to burn the
movie hall,'' a police officer on duty told IANS.

The police also tried to prevent the angry students from handing over a
protest letter to the Indian embassy in Kathmandu. After returning from the
embassy, the students torched a police post and damaged several shops owned
by Kashmiris in Thamel, a famous tourist hub in the heart of the city. The
police had to lob dozens of teargas shells and fire in the air to disperse
the crowd.

Meanwhile, the Indian Airlines flight operations in the Indo-Nepal sector
have been affected by the turmoil. On Wednesday, the
Varanasi-Kathmandu-Varanasi flight could not be operated as the night-halt
crew in Kathmandu was not able to reach the Tribhuvan international airport
becasue of disturbances in the city, IA sources said.

In Mumbai, the film industry has expressed shock at the strange turn of
events and has termed the anti-Hrithik campaign as a conspiracy launched by
vested interests.(IANS and agencies)

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