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Re: Grameen Bank Query

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
You can NOT blanket-claim the politician to be a hindrance.

  spghanekar wrote:
  Another reason for it not being successful are the intervention of local
  politicians forcing the managers to give loans to only people sent by them. 
  How do we solve this problem?

I wrote: 
 Depending on who is *more* corrupt [the manager or the local politician]
 this might be a good or a bad. When it's an intervention by the State, it
 is necessary that the local political representative be thoroughly
 involved in the process. For the most part, State measures can and are
 rule-based, or atleast should be. You can blanket-claim the politician to
 be a hindrance. We do have an understanding of the whys and hows of the
 corruptible politician and the corruptible bureaucrasy (banker here).

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