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Re: Manipur madness - Rational Response

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Neil Comelo <nwat12@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Mr Narayanan,
> I am astounded that you and other Indian rightwingers
> do not anticipate such reaction.  It is the the fruits
> of the immoral behavior and attitude towards minority
> groups.  Treating minorities as if we are lesser
> Indians generates over time a separate identity and a
> sieg mentality.  Once that occurs groups naturally
> seek help from ANYONE that is willing to assist.  Into
> this vacume enter those that have an axe to grind.
> Remember the old adage:  The enemies of your enemies
> are your friends.

What the heck are you babbling about? Manipuris are no more of a minority
than any other ethnic group in India. All kinds of vague and unsupported
accusations about "treating as lesser" -- where do you get this from?

It's tribalism like yours which is responsible for social problems, and none

> I am surprised that there arn't more armed sovernity
> movements around the country.  You fundamentalists
> should get rid of your minority complex (ala Sinhalese
> in Shri Lanka) and begin to build nationality unity.
> These should be based upon INDIVIDUAL and local
> freedoms.  The natural progration of not doing so is
> scarry - perhaps and eventual breakup of the country.
> Nations that demand strict obdience to federal
> dictates historicaly fail - USSR, Roman Empire,etc.
> If the attacks on Christians continue, I will not only
> lobby the US congress on the issue, I will be willing
> to financially support Christian defense groups.

What a joke. Typical Crusader mentality -- spitting venom at the heathens.
I've met enough Bible-thumpers in my life to know who the chauvinists are.
Yes, I'm sure you'll link up with your brothers in the Klan, to defend your
bigoted ideology.

> Trust me stop pissing us off "Oh God" is right if we
> choose to do so.
> anil

Hey buddy, nobody can wage war without suffering reciprocal consequences.
The reality is that when parochialist bigots such as yourself continue to
harm the localities where you live, you're only retarding your own economic

As we can see from political trends in the US these past few decades,
Bible-thumping has gone severely out of style. So please by all means lash
yourself to their sinking ship, while progressive Indians like myself will
continue to point out the primitivism of the Bible-thumpers, and their
chauvinistic throwback ways.

Nobody's "pissing" you off, you're already wallowing in it voluntarily.

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