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Liberal Congress

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

A year ago, some preliminary discussions were held among like-minded folk
in New Delhi on holding an Indian Liberal Congress, as a precursor to a
political party to promote liberal issues. The following minutes (modified)
are being circulated on IPI for views. Not much came out of the discussions
then. Let us see if anything materializes now. 


Decisions arrived at:
(1) NAME: Name should not be 'loaded' with connotations which are found in
the Indian society. No one understands "Classical Liberalism." Name will
need to be thought a little more carefully. Suggestions so far:

	*	Forum for Liberal Democracy
	*	Indian Liberal Congress
	*	Something Sanskrit - Forum

(2) PEOPLE:  Names of people who will be involved in the preparatory stage
have to be identified. 

(3)  AGENDA: 

a) Short term: Issues which interest both the middle class and farmers need
to be identified and consumer movements across the country mobilized.

b) Medium term: An annual organization of this forum will help in the
launch of the long-term stage. A ritual meeting of like minds is essential
to help brainstorm and review strategy at each step.

c) Long term: Political mobilization when a broad consensus is reached.
Economic reform should form the core of the common ground.

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