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Re: Uniform civil code

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> Yes, india is not as secular as i want her to be. We have to decide a 
> Uniform civil code either - 
>  on a consensus kind of model. ( monogamy, divorce proceedings, child 
> rights, banning of homosexuality, abortion terms definition, etc ) 
> or a libertarian model - anything consensual goes. deifne your own 
> contract of marriage and be happy.
> personally i would prefer the 2'nd model, but i have a feeling that 
> india will be better served by the first.
> regards 
> prakash

I very much agree, if we want to build India as a prosperous
nation we need a uniform civil code. A civil code which is 
uniformly applicable to all citizens of India irrespective 
religious affiliations, then only poeople will feel they are 
equal and has the same *rights and responsibilites*. Only a 
uniform civil code will integrate india further and lead 
the way to *collective prosperity*. 

All our religions has not reviewed/revised the civil
code to be in tune with the evolution of the society. 
Many of the laws of the civil code that were very much
*practical* or necessary few centuries back are no more 
practical.  None of the religions provides for *peaceful 
co-existence* of people belonging to different religious 
affiliations. Fact is religious leaders who formulated 
the civil code centuries ago could never anticipate the 
evolution and socio-political co-existence.

Today socio-political co-existence of people of various 
religious affiliations is a *reality* in India. Various 
religious leaders in India should understand and *accept 
this reality* and enter into a dialogue and evolve a 
uniform civil code which is very much necessary for the 
prosperity of all people of India. 

If the leaders of existing religions doesn't rise up 
to the reality, a new religion will evolve that will 
fulfil the aspirations of the people of India.


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