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Too much emphasis on Ayodhya

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Why does IPI give so much emphasis on Ayodhya?
I can understand perfectly well why ruling party at the centre is giving
so much importance. But, why should IPI members give it so much
Do we not have other  serious issues in India to discuss?
One could discuss recent supreme court judgment in narmada case and its
implications, as many basic values concerning who sacrifices for whose
benefits?,  compensation, enviroment, social issues etc are involved.
One could discuss death of   three tribals in  police firing in Orissa
in the context of proposed aluminium mining industry in private sector,
where issues of land acquisition, right to information, transparency are
all involved.
One could discuss our policy options in education, public health and
rural sanitation.
Why do IPI members give so much importance to Ayodhya?

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