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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
[Note from Moderator: I think we had enough discussion on Ayodhya (under
the disguise of "Apology needed from Mr. Vajpayee". I'd appreciate if
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A rather smart professor I knew said that the trouble with politics today is 
that its all seen on a spectrum from left to right.

Of course, with Mr. Kukreti, anyone who doesn't agree with him is a
part of the "Orwellian Animal Farm brigade in India".

Well, Mr. Kukreti, I'd say that your kind of ideology would be
The kind that made him write "Inside the Whale" and 1984.

To your arguments:

>What a joke! That's because the hideously contorted ideology advocated by
>the Orwellian Animal Farm brigade in India, bears no resemblance to
>secularism as it has been practiced successfully in the rest of the world.

Hmm. I don't know; last i heard there was something called 'affirmative 
action' in the US. And as Sam Garg so helpfully pointed out, special
to Native Americans. While the type of reservations that have been instituted 
are understandably flawed, i do hope you understand the philosophy behind a 
system of reservations.

>It's amazing how Lefti-wing opportunists are able to hijack the word
>secularism, and then turn it into something else entirely, as part of their
>naked lust for power.

Again? Nothing but leftist-bashing?

>Secularism has nothing to do with spending taxpayers' money on paying for
>Haj flights, when no other religious group gets this. It has nothing to do
>with granting job quotas to people on the basis of ethnicity.
>Or allowing a certain number of people to pass their exams even if they
>don't deserve to, simply on the grounds that we need a more members of
>certain ethnic groups to be passing their exams. How pathetic! Hey, if you
>want to pass your exams, earn it!

Unless, of course, you don't start on an equal footing with the majority. And 
there is no equality of opportunity.


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