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RE: Romila Thapar

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Romila Thapar has an excellent article up on the internet about the issue
of destruction of religious structures. It wasn't simply the >Moghuls who
did it, but several other communities, since it symbolised conquest and the
acquisition of power.All those actions are >from a bygone era, where
politics was considerably different. Its ridiculous to ask their 28th
descendant to apologise for it.

Fully Agreed. But the destruction of Babri was not a sudden development like
those events of history mentioned above.
There was enough contempaltion on pursuasive tactics to make Muslim groups
to give the site peacefully so that
it can be rebuilt brick by brick aside.It was not a sudden demolishment like
in above midieval events.
What on earth prevents those groups not to relent for the civilised plea of
VHP to hand over the site ?.. is it
some thing like a Mecca for them ? They have scant respect for sentiments of
Hindus obviously.

Every body expects Hindus or Majority Indians should be SCARED of such
'retaliation' from Muslims in the form of communal riots
and there by abstain from demanding the structures.This FEAR PSYCHOSIS is
Camouflaged as 'Secular approach','Non Communal ', 'we need food and shelter
for all first' etc. as if this issue directly Negates those things which is

Jai Hind


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