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economics in Ayodhya..

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Economic angle of Ayodhya-Mathura-Kashi

Looking at the developments in an Objective sence of a spectator, measuring
the economic impact of same,
I foresee in Ayodhya and else where a  'Huge Economic Engine' in terms of
Tourism and Travel Industry then Real estate Industry.

Temple-Economies of the size of Tirumala will flourish...

In this 'PROCESS' if some dirty poiliticians whip up tensions and cause life
loss or Govt throwings, that is not the mistake of
REACTIONARY development of Ayodhya-Mathura. It is just a dimension of their
brutality.But that is an ASSURED development for
people at large. Any body who likes to look only at development angle, may
see an 'equivalent of dozen steel plants' in terms of economic development
and employment generation and not the least in terms of Revenue generation
for Govt, at each of these places !

Jai Hind


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