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Re: Paper on Poverty in India

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To: debate@indiapolicy.org
Subject: Dr.N.C.Saxena's EPW paper, etc.

On informing Dr. N.C. Saxena, Secretary to the Planning Commission of my desire to leave the civil service due to my inability to get anything worthwhile going within the system, including at least a study on my Poverty Elimination proposal, and on seeking his consent to place his paper on poverty on the IPI web site, which was recently published in EPW, he has very kindly permitted the placing of that paper.


I can understand your disappointment with the system. There is a great deal of inertia and it is very difficult to effect any change in the system.

Please feel free to keep my paper on the IPI Publication's page. You may also like to go through Planning Commission's website, planningcommission.nic.in where highlights of the Mid-term Review have been put. In particular, I would like you to see summary of the chapter on Implementation of Programmes. I am enclosing the full version of this chapter.


Accordingly, I have put in his paper as well as the chapter on implementation of programmes by the Planning Commission at http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/notes.html. Both these are a must-read for all of us who wish to study India's policies. In essence, "The GOI Ministries spend roughly Rs 35,000 crore annually on Programmes that are meant to achieve Poverty Alleviation" out of which much is misdirected. An excellent starting point for research.

I continue to affirm that we can eliminate the dire poverty we see in India with the NIT (for the new ones on IPI, see my write up on IPI's publications page) and spend the saving on infrastructure, etc. Unfortunately, both at the PMO and Planning Commission, as well as at the highest level in Meghalaya govt., much lethargy prevails. I do not know whom to blame for failing to take up a study of my proposal.


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