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Tolerance reaching 'Threshold'..

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
worth remembering following excellant lines..again and again
If some body missed reading them. (.For a *"REAL"*  ?SECULAR INDIA?..)

>According to your own definition, India is NOT a secular state, since
>the government DOES treat different people of different communities
>differently. (Please see the Shah Bano case, circa 1986).This is because no

>uniform civil code (UCC) exists in India - a cornerstone of secularism. 
>Ironically, it is the BJP (the party which the Guptaras and Kandaswamys of 
>the world like to bash) that is clearly on record being for an UCC. The 
>so-called secularists on the other hand, only
>pay lip service.

>Indranil Das Gupta

KuKreti wrote :

>For example, when the Left play caste politics, they are being *communal*.
>When you reserve jobs, or college seats, etc, for people on the basis of
>ethnicity, for whatever reason, you are being *communal*.
>Again, this is the problem with the Left having hijacked the universally
>accepted meanings of words in the english language, to contrive their own
>self-serving definitions.

>Again, the RSS and BJP are simply part of the buld of the Indian population
>reacting to the excesses committed by others. You don't want them to react,
>then don't commit the excesses.
This is what I too have been saying. It is just a reactionoary tendency.As
much reactionary were oppressed classes,
as much reactionary were independance movements or apartheid
movements.Ayodhya or Mathura is not only pious,
but a STRONG Symbolic Tool to identify the reaction. Now if some body thinks
it is against peace and prosperity as
KandaSwami rightly expresed that in the absence of peace there isno
development, it is a misplaced observation I feel.
Because these fundamentalist ROGUES will not let any one sleep peacefully,
the hecking, BULLYING, intimidating,
ARMING, against majority society, (of which there is no extra proff
required, history itself speaks volumes abt their 
TENDENCIES),all HELL will go URESISTED Unless there is a SYMBOLIC resistance
how ever painful be that.



>From Sam Garg:
I think this question has been answered conclusively.  It was for the reason

of 'correcting history' that the Pope recently apologized to a multitude of 
faith groups in the middle east; it is for the reason of 'correcting 
history' that present day Germans apologised and paid reparations to the 
Jews; it is for the reasons of  'correcting history' that Japan apologised 
and paid reparations to Korea; it for the reason of 'correcting history' 
that America gave grants of land to its own natives; it for the reason of 
'correcting history' that natives in central and south america are demanding

apology/ reparations from Spain and Portugal; it for the reasons of 
'correcting history' that Canada apologized/ paid reparations to Japanese 
Canadians; it was for the reasons of 'correcting history' that Canadian 
Sikhs are demanding an apology/ reparations from Canada.

This is just a small list - I could go on indefinitely but I think this 
adequately conveys current and modern thinking on the (non) issue you 
raised.  Hindus are actually among the very last to make such demand because

we do not indulge in self serving victimology.  Why, among all other ethnic 
and faith groups on earth, should Hindus NOT be allowed to demand 
'correction of history' is irrational and discriminatory.

Well Said..


Jai Hind...

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