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For Sam Garg

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Mr. Garg,

Thanks for your reply. Let me address the issue of 'correction of history' 
where we seem to disagree:

For the list of 'corrective actions' that you mentioned, virtually all the 
issues have had direct present-day implications. In each of those cases it 
could be argued that those 'corrective actions' were more for continuing 
grievances and injury, rather than a specific act that occurred 
decades/centuries ago.

My point is this: If you are to work from a philosophy, and not simply a 
one-time, feed-my-ego episode, then trying to believe in a theory of 
'corrective history' is quite insane.

Perhaps the Goans who were happy with the portuguese could start, or maybe
aggrieved in Sikkim, or perhaps those people who never wanted a united india 
in the first place, or maybe we should ask the british to apologise, and 
perhaps the dutch, and after we're through with the whole islamic world, 
perhaps we could ask the greek to apologise for their incursions, and then 

I think you may get my point.

What distinguishes Ayodhya from any of the above? Romila Thapar has an 
excellent article up on the internet about the issue of destruction of 
religious structures. It wasn't simply the Moghuls who did it, but several 
other communities, since it symbolised conquest and the acquisition of power.

All those actions are from a bygone era, where politics was considerably 
different. Its ridiculous to ask their 28th descendant to apologise for it.

Kartik Ramachandran

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