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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Krishnan Kandasamy <nkandasamy@hotmail.com>  wrote:
> >Why the persistent attempt to make this a temple versus economic growth
> >issue?  In your entire post, you have still not answered why the temple
> >issue and the economy are mutually exclusive.
> Because what good is a "reversal of a historic wrong", when the present
> conditions are abysmal and anything but spiritual. How can anybody argue
> a temple, when millions are just sustaining on the fringes of the society?

Again, when private groups are volunteering to fund it, how is it giving you
such an itch?

The fact is that those abysmal conditions were there, before the issue of
building the temple came up. So how has the abysmal-ness suddenly been
aggravated by the emergence of the temple issue?

Let's look at the facts -- the Left have been in power for decades, and
their bankrupt ideology hasn't been able to improve the abysmal situation of
the masses. This is because socialism promotes decay and deterioration. Not
one of these Leftist ideologues has ever run their own business, or
productive enterprise of any sort.

So as soon as the Leftists spot the temple issue -- they jump on it, like
drowing man jumping for a life-ring. Their crusade against the 'big bad
temple' is now their only raison d'etre. If you ask them how they plan to
improve conditions for Indians, they can't give you an answer. All they can
say is that they will oppose the "evil communal forces" and prevent the
temple from being built. So the Left basically predicate their whole
existence now, on this one issue, in order to distract from the fact that
they have nothing whatsoever to offer the Indian public.

I'm sure you Leftists cringe at the day that the temple issue is finally
resolved. Otherwise, how will Leftist politicians and demagogues keep their
jobs, without the temple issue to rail against? Without it, they would
suddenly be forced to deal with actually dealing with the needs of their
constituents, which for 50 years they haven't been able to do. I don't know
how they would suddenly start now, if they haven't bothered to do it for 50

> For people to be developed on all aspects, peace has to exisit. Peaceful
> harmonious society brings prosperity and economic growth. Economic growth
> curtails that "victim" mentalality of certain sections of the society and
> makes the society much more stable.

Tell me, for the past 50 years, prior to the BJP and the temple issue --
what were you brilliant blue-eyed boys on the Left doing, pray tell??? Where
was the great uplifting achievement on your part? I don't see it.

As far as "victim mentality" is concerned, I think that socialism, which
teaches people to become basketecases, on the grounds that "society didn't
help them enough", instead of encouraging people to try on their own
internal fortitude, is the real victim mentality.

> None of the antics of BJP/RSS can bring real spritual growth to Indian
> people. may be create some religious zeolots and hooligans.

You mean like the secular 1984 riots? Shining example of secularism, that
the world can look to.
Yeah, I think we can see what really lurks below the superficial facade of
the self-proclaimed preachers of secularism on the Left.

> How can you argue to divide a society already fractured instead of
> the root causes of the division in the first place?. You are not living in
> India Mr.Sam, so please consider the effects of your attitudes and actions
> of that poor Muslim or Christian or Hindu who can barely feed himself.

In case you hadn't noticed, your whole "communally" based legal system,
which grants separate treatment to people under the law, enshrines these
very divisions which you're talking about. What incredible hypocrisy! Does
the phrase "Uniform Civil Code" mean anything to you?? Amazing!

> Was there anything as militant hinduism Mr.Sam?. Who gave that dubious
> distiction to Hinduism?.

You're kidding me. The Taliban sit on our northwestern frontiers, locking up
women and beating them on the streets, even as they infiltrate across our
borders to kill our own citizens with grenades, rockets, carbombs and high
powered assault rifles. And you're telling me that the most militant thing
you've ever seen is a few people in Khaki shorts and bamboo sticks? You're a
real prince among men, buddy. Any country would be proud to have you as
their citizen. Not.

> What tyranny are you talking about?. You are comfortable in you place
> you?.

Spoken like a true Leftist. All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good
men to do nothing -- and for Leftists to ensure it.

> Majority, whatever it does is right you said.

Yes, even when they want to pass their exams without studying. What a joke.

> You asked if Slavery is indeed wrong because it was practised long ago,
> is still being practised now?.
> You have to decide what is wrong and right Mr.Sam. from your writing it is
> clear that you support slavery if it was practised by majority. Go back
> read you statements.

This propensity to twist words seems to be such a strong habit.

> """But she also knows that punishing a criminal for violence is not only
> right but a moral imperative""
> Tell her that Mr.Advani, Joshi and other minions are to be punished. Bal
> thackerey and Imams are to be punished for causing untold suffering to
> others.
> You are entiled to your views, however wrong it might be in my opinion.
> you have no right to support or instigate regligious intolerance, to
> your ego, that my friend is being criminal and is just  causing harm to
> society of which you are no longer a part of.

I notice that the same Leftists who shun the achievements of NRIs, are quick
to beg for their money. When one doesn't wish to produce on their own, one
tends to try and leech off others.

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