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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I have already told you that I am not a left or a right wing fanatic. If you 
still insist on calling names, please continue to do so.

>No, actually that's not what communalism means. I know english isn't your 

""" As though it is yours""""

but try and learn to speak it reasonably accurately.
Communalism-->communal--->community (ie. any ethnic grouping).
Any ethnic grouping, whether religious, linguistic, racial, so-called
"caste", etc. For example, when the Left play caste politics"""accepted 
meanings of words in the english language, to contrive their own
>self-serving definitions.

Guess what English pundit, Communalism according to dictionary also means 
"Strong devotion to the interests of one's own minority or ethnic group 
rather than those of society as a whole". By pretenting to represent only a 
particular community ie Hindus, the BJP is practising communalism.

Speaking of religious discrimination, when Pakistan doesn't allow
>non-Muslims to hold elected office outside of certain reserved districts,=
""What happens in Pakistan is not our business, just because South Africa 
practised aparthied, are you suggesting that we need to do so?."""

>You're interested in selective morality. When it's casteism, then you don't 
>want to call it communal.

What you know about my views on casteism, Don't assume things 
Mr.Sanjai,however intelligent you may be.

When terrorist fanatics are streaming across the border to kill hapless 
citizens, then you call for "engagement" and "dialogue" with these 

Again an assumption...

>Marathas are then displaced and discriminated against in their own home
>cities like Mumbai, in a way that you would never tolerate for illegal
>Bengali immigrants in the same places. And then you selectively invoke your 
>so-called morality, only for those groups you show preference for. It's a

I guess that is the reason the Siva Sena goondas collect haftas, to show 
their Maratha superiority.

Read my previous post before writing something.

>When things like the Bombay Bombings occur, then you quickly brush these 
>under the rug. Hey, your credibility is in shreds -- nobody is going to buy 
>into that kind of selective morality, except of course those whom you
>selectively choose to be the beneficiaries of it.

Again an assumption

>The funny thing about the Left is -- they're always volunteering someone
>else's sacrifice or patience. Leftists are the first to give up the shirt
>off someone else's back -- never their own

Sanyai, you are like a broken record, that says that I am a left, caste 
suppoter, none of which I am.

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