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Re: more violations of cultural relativism

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Srinath S wrote:

> Yes, oppression is directly correlated with the policies of the dominant
> institution. But the goervment does not play a dominant role in many cases!
> One more example, my cousin travelling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad witnessed an
> incident where the train conductor was scared to ask for tickets from certain
> mobs. In fact, they never ventured into such crowds. Government oppression is
> the opposite -- something like the government secret agents peeking over
> everything you do, etc.

My question is whether the conductor (a GoI employee for namesake) is "scared" to
ask for a ticket from certain mob or whether the conductor was part of the mob?
That is, I would deduce that the Government drone is actually part of the mob who
jointly share a power structure at the expense of the people.  The interpretation
of the situation and its details, of course, are being distorted (may be).

What I recommend in such a situation is to curb the power of the conductor to
merely play the role of a safety officer.  Ticketing and passage must be verified
by a scanning system and a camera.  Yes, this is certainly possible!  If the damn
train costs the Government crores of Rupees then it can certainly afford a cheap
verification system to put in place where the power of the conductor has no
bearing (for abuse or vice versa).

Vamsi M.

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