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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Rakesh Raju <zoot@squishyfx.com> wrote:
> Dear Sanjay Garg,
> While all are against anarchy; As a citizen i look to our law to protect
> society. What happened in 1992 was against our then and current law. I
> believe in the rule of law while you seem to support settling of scores
> which way.

Fair enough that the law was broken -- although I don't see that Babur asked
anyone's permission to tear down their temple to build a mosque. He seemed
to feel that brute might made right. Let's at least put the Moghul
conquerors on the proper moral footing.

I'd like to understand how people then praise the Congress Party, which
could unhesitatingly fall into a killing frenzy in 1984, in which thousands
of Sikhs were massacred. So much for the myth that it's the party of
Gandhism and tolerance. Let's likewise recognize that such behavior wasn't a
mere temporary aberration of the Congress Party. Let's recognize that their
party functions through a Personality Cult, as potent and as fanatical as
any Stalinist one. Let's not whitewash what they are.

> To extraploate on your logic:
> What if the Shudra leadership takes the case to the VHP that all their
> temples are offensive because they are symbols of fascism. And then what
> they decide to "correct" the situation? would you be equally supportive of
> this mob rajya?
> -Rakesh Raju

Again, the Left have already been the first provocateurs in this regard, as
they have been using caste as a weapon long before the BJP appeared in the
mid-1980s. So one can certainly see which came first on the scene.

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