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Re: apology needed from Mr Vajpayee for betraying his Oath of Office

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr.Sam wrote:

>Why the persistent attempt to make this a temple versus economic growth 
>issue?  In your entire post, you have still not answered why the temple 
>issue and the economy are mutually exclusive.

Because what good is a "reversal of a historic wrong", when the present 
conditions are abysmal and anything but spiritual. How can anybody argue for 
a temple, when millions are just sustaining on the fringes of the society?

For people to be developed on all aspects, peace has to exisit. Peaceful and 
harmonious society brings prosperity and economic growth. Economic growth 
curtails that "victim" mentalality of certain sections of the society and 
makes the society much more stable.

None of the antics of BJP/RSS can bring real spritual growth to Indian 
people. may be create some religious zeolots and hooligans.

How can you argue to divide a society already fractured instead of attacking 
the root causes of the division in the first place?. You are not living in 
India Mr.Sam, so please consider the effects of your attitudes and actions 
of that poor Muslim or Christian or Hindu who can barely feed himself.

"""> >I wouldn't even try too. But there has been no such thing as militant 
hinduism, sad that these organistions are stamping that honor.
>You contradict in your second sentence what you claimed in the first. 
>However, this is not the forum to discuss religious interpretations.  We 
>can take this offline if you wish to persist with this thread.  Suffice it 
say that hinduism does not teach us to tolerate tyranny.

Was there anything as militant hinduism Mr.Sam?. Who gave that dubious 
distiction to Hinduism?.

What tyranny are you talking about?. You are comfortable in you place aren't 

> >Hope you don't teach your views to your childern.
>Thank you for your apparent concern for my children.  My 10 year old knows 
>that both slavery and jewish holcaust were wrong.  But she also knows that 
>punishing a criminal for violence is not only right but a moral 

Majority, whatever it does is right you said.

You asked if Slavery is indeed wrong because it was practised long ago, and 
is still being practised now?.

You have to decide what is wrong and right Mr.Sam. from your writing it is 
clear that you support slavery if it was practised by majority. Go back and 
read you statements.

"""But she also knows that punishing a criminal for violence is not only 
right but a moral imperative""

Tell her that Mr.Advani, Joshi and other minions are to be punished. Bal 
thackerey and Imams are to be punished for causing untold suffering to 

You are entiled to your views, however wrong it might be in my opinion. but 
you have no right to support or instigate regligious intolerance, to satisfy 
your ego, that my friend is being criminal and is just  causing harm to the 
society of which you are no longer a part of.

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